Battle for control of Gomorra, CA in this deep expandable card game set in the Weird West. Based on Pinnacle Entertainment’s legenday Deadlands setting, Doomtown: Reloaded puts players in control of one of six unique factions as they fight for dominance and sling lead in town square.

Players: 2+
Time: 30+ Minutes

Floor Rules and FAQ Now Available!

Well pardners, as we celebrate Doomtown: Reloaded’s continuation, you don’t think we’d leave you hangin’ without some updates did ya? Step right up folks, for yer copies of our new-fangled Floor Rules, Rulebook, Errata, FAQ, and any other necessities the folks...

A Letter from David Lapp, Community Manager

Dear fellow Doomies, As some of you may recall, I wrote one last article following the final Marshal tournament at Gecon 2016. I hinted that would be my final piece for Doomtown: Reloaded while under the AEG brand. I always hoped that Gomorra would return, as it did...