The Peacekeeper Series

Pine Box Entertainment is proud to announce our next set of round-ups.

The kit cost is now $30 plus shipping, which can be modified with additional items, as each organizer will be able to customize the kits with additionally offered items, which will be presented once the ordering portal is available. This time the following will be included:

Quaterman PRIME playmat w/art by Charles Urbach
-Bottom Dealin’ x24
-Pinned Down x24
-Gomorra Gaming Commission x24
-Pair O’ Six Shooters x24
Wooden NIckel: Law Dogs/Rangers Shooter Designation tokens

As with the Hunting Ground Series, players will be voting on Law Dogs that will be the heroes and fallen of the conflict from Twilight Protocol Act II

  1. Riorden O’Lithen
  2. Enrique Dos Santos
  3. Mortimer Parsons
  4. Quincy Washburne
  5. Sister Mary Gideon
  6. Clyde Owens
  7. Wylie Jenks
  8. Prescott Utter

Let your FLGS know and encourage them to contact Pinnacle and Studio 2 to stock Too Tough to Die and all other Doomtown products!

Events Will Run October 5th, 2019 – January 5th, 2020

With your application, please use the button below to send $30 via PayPal to reserve your kit. When applications close, you will have the option to add additional items to your order for extra Doomtown goodies, including top of faction lowball tokens made from the same material as the Outfit Cards found on our web store (while supplies last)!

Series Application

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