The Abomination Series

Welcome to the Weird West!. Continuing in the Pine Box ‘Event Series’ for Doomtown, next up we face the horrors of Tombstone and the Reckoners. In our previous Series, players voted on characters that will be featured in the main Doomtown fiction in the climax of the events of Tombstone, which continue in our next expansion, Out for Blood.

As we approach our other storyline events, The Twilight Protocol Series, players in the Abomination Series will get to vote on Abominations they want to see featured in Doomtown! Each event organizer will receive a list of Abominations that players can vote on; in addition, players will have the option to write in votes that will go directly to our new Doomtown Design Team, led by Marshal Richard Carter.

You, the players, will decide the horrors the heroes of the Weird West will face, starting with Act I of the Twilight Protocol Series, The Agency, happening at GenghisCon on February 23, 2019.

These events will run from October 27, 2018, through January 6, 2019. We hope that the Abomination Series will continue to provide an organized play experience for existing players while also bringing in new greenhorns that joined us through the release of ‘There Comes A Reckoning’ and our latest expansion, Too Tough to Die; the cards from those expansions will be legal for these events.

Events may be run as one day swiss/cut rounds, day(s) of casual play, or weekly leagues, with promotional cards provided for each week of participation. We’re going above our last Series, this time featuring 6 new Promotional cards! Feel free to apply for multiple events so that players have an opportunity to receive even more promos.

The kit will contain the following items for participants:

Promotional cards:
14 Nicodemus Whateley, with new art by Doomtown Marshal David Hammond complete with the updated errata!
14 Smiling Tom full bleed, replacing the ‘Fourth Ring’ text with the Fearmonger symbol.
14 …It’s Who You Know, with unreleased Doomtown alternate art and rewording
14 Forced Quarantine, with unreleased Doomtown alternate art
26 Fetch, with full bleed art featured in the Deadlands 20th Anniversary and rewording
26 Pat’s Perch, with art featured in the Deadlands 20th Anniversary

5 Bayou Vermilion ‘Shooter’ designation wooden nickel tokens for Top 4 and the organizer!

And for the hero of the day we have a stunning play mat that will be revealed as soon as it’s ready. This is the first of our mats to feature the new Doomtown logo and include hand ranks!

With your application, please use the button below to send $40 via PayPal to reserve your kit. When applications close, you will have the option to add additional items to your order for extra Doomtown goodies, including top of faction lowball tokens made from the same material as the Outfit Cards found on our web store (while supplies last)!


Applications close October 4, 2018