The Hunting Grounds Series

Pine Box Entertainment is proud to announce our next set of round-ups.

As this posse continues their search for Abram Grothe in the hunt to destroy The Fourth Ring once and for all, the players at GenghisCon voted that the Eagle Wardens / First Peoples will come to their aid, as they are trapped against the Nosferatu (due to your votes in the Abomination Series!)

During this Series, you will have the chance to make 2 votes. One on a member of the First Peoples who will be the hero of this conflict, and another on which will die in the conflict. The top 2 votes for each will go in to be reflected in the fiction and upcoming Doomtown cards.

Your choices are:

  1. Butch Deuces
  2. Danny Wilde
  3. Mariel Lewis
  4. Three-Eyed Hawk
  5. Mazatl
  6. Lydia Bear-Hands
  7. Enapay
  8. Zachary Deloria

Note the votes are not mutually exclusive; heroes may perish in the conflict.

The Series will include 6 brand new Doomtown promos, a new Shooter token, and a Black Elk playmat.

Applications go up tomorrow and events will run from April 13 to August 4. Let your FLGS know and encourage them to contact Pinnacle and Studio 2 to stock Too Tough to Die and all other Doomtown products!

Promotional cards:
18 Alt Art Force Fields
18 Alt Art Lucy XP
18 Alt Art Comin’ Up Roses
18 Alt Art Gomorra Gazette
18 Alt Art Curse of Failure
18 Full Art Kabeda Hakurei

1 Black Elk Playmat

5 First Peoples  /Agency ‘Shooter’ designation wooden nickel tokens for Top 4 and the organizer!

With your application, please use the button below to send $35 via PayPal to reserve your kit. When applications close, you will have the option to add additional items to your order for extra Doomtown goodies, including top of faction lowball tokens made from the same material as the Outfit Cards found on our web store (while supplies last)!

Series Application

3 + 5 =