Well pardners, as we celebrate Doomtown: Reloaded’s continuation, you don’t think we’d leave you hangin’ without some updates did ya? Step right up folks, for yer copies of our new-fangled Floor Rules, Rulebook, Errata, FAQ, and any other necessities the folks at Pine Box got ready for  y’all! Take note gunslingers, there’s been a few changes in the Weird West. Most notably our favorite gambler, Rico, got a bit of an overhaul, along with that pesky auto-revolver and the always busy Undertaker. As detailed in our first blog, these updates will take effect at this upcoming Gencon, in addition to a very special tournament series we have planned! So saddle up, take a gander, and meander on over to our forums to chew the fat!

Check out the updates here!

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