Dear Maia,

My team and I were excited to learn that Red Castle Games in Portland, Oregon hosted a ‘Doomtown Lives’ tournament in honor of our beloved game’s revival. Pine Box Entertainment congratulates you on winning the event! Justice in Exile isn’t an easy deck for us Doomies (that’s our fancy word for Doomtown players) to play with, let alone squeak out a victory! I heard from your dad that there some folks in your class say ornery things because they don’t like Doomtown as much as the games they play. The truth is, there’s lots of games out there, but Doomtown happens to be my favorite! It’s hard for some players to get into, as not everyone cottons to shootouts out in Gomorra. But for those of us that are, we’re very passionate about the game. It may not seem so popular now, but we hope players and friends at your store take a look at the ‘learn to play’ videos we have planned to try to wrangle in some new drifters that we hope will enjoy the game just as much as you and I do.

I hear  that your favorite faction is Law Dogs. I’m sorry to say I tend to play on the other side of the badge, being a fan of the Sloane Gang. Pine Box nevertheless wants you to be the first to know about an upcoming tournament series celebrating the continuation of Doomtown: Reloaded! These Epitaph events will feature some shiny new trinkets for you and your fellow Doomies to try and win. Even better, we have something special planned for the most played faction in these tournaments, so be sure to come out and represent those Law Dogs once again!

I look forward to seeing some more deck lists of yours and hear more reports on your matchups in the future (Check out the winning deck list at Until then, I hope you continue to enjoy Doomtown and look forward to the new cards we have planned for the Tales from The Epitaph set. Keep an eye out for when we start to preview them!

From your friends at Pine Box, thank you for sharing your experiences as part of our community.

David Lapp
Community Manager
Pine Box Entertainment

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