“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain


Howdy folks, Alex here with a major announcement regarding Doomtown: Reloaded. We’ve been tirelessly working in the shadows, and it’s time to reveal the biggest change coming to Doomtown: Reloaded. The return of Fear Level.

Now before you get all twisted up inside, allow me to explain our decision. We wanted to bring back something from Classic. Early discussions included Card Memory, Table Wide Uniqueness, and removing the deckbuilding restriction that only allowed 4 cards of any suit. None of it felt quiet right . (As an aside, we were REALLY fond of Card Memory in early tests. We even had a concept where effects that would use this rule came with a set of stickers to permanantly change your cards.) Then we discussed Fear Level.
After a few games with some of our upcoming Tales from the Epitaph cards we were certain we’d found the sweet spot. After much discussion we decided the best way to capture the flavor of fear was to create an entire faction dedicated to the mechanic. (Emre WAS NOT a fan of this proposal. We made him do it anyways.) This faction in playtest was called [Carrot Stick] and as it evolved we knew the faction was always fated to become The Stampede.
How does it get much scarier than Jackelopes? Answer – it doesn’t. We felt that we wanted the dudes and actions in the deck to do the talking so we gave this home a completely passive ability.  Jackelope is a new keyword, akin to Deputy – exclusive to the outfit and does nothing on it’s own. Expect a bushel of new cards to support them though.
But wait, how does Fear Level work?
Well Billy, do you mind if I call you Billy? Of course you don’t. Well Billy, when you and Sally sit down to a game of Doomtown: Reloaded the Fear Level is set at 1. Any time a card would increase or decrease that number you permanantly adjust the Fear Level. For instance if you play Rabbitiel’s Remains, Billy, you choose to increase or decrease the Fear Level by 2. If you increase it at the start of the game it becomes a 3.  There are many ways to interact with the Fear Level in Tales from the Epitaph – some dudes will get stronger the scarier things become.

It’s important to note, the Fear Level can never fall below 1 and never rise above 7. These numbers are completely arbitrary and only serve to frustrate our Design and Playtest teams.

But wait, I want to know more!


Of course you do. Fear Level is AWESOME, but we don’t wanna give too much away just yet. We’ll be revealing a bit more in the coming weeks as well as updating our rules documents to reflect the change. But until then, just gonna have to wait.
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