The Week of the Reckoning is a series of articles focused on the four Servitors who serve as the first Legend cards for Doomtown: Reloaded. These articles are written by play test team members and are meant to be a guide to the strategies the Servitors add to the game.

by David Avery

Darius Hellstromme is the scientific genius of Salt Lake City and Pestilence’s Servitor. On the face of it, he is the simplest of the servitors to use as he gives your gadget weapons a significant upgrade. At -1 starting ghost rock, he is affordable without too much disruption to your starting posse. His down side only applies if you are the leader, so as long as you’re not the one starting trouble he won’t cause you any pain. He can cut across your ability to exert early pressure on blitz decks. As long as you can survive the first turn and get some guns out, things will start to swing your way.

Hellstromme is most likely to find a home amongst either Morgan Cattle Company or Law Dogs due to their plethora of mad scientists churning out his weapons of death. Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton is the main gadget weapon seeing play at the moment. This now further threatens your opponent by acing an otherwise safe discard, unless they can boot it before resolution. Diego Linares diligently churns out skeletons for Morgan. With the arrival of Stewart Davidson, the Law Dogs can now also reliably use mechanical skeletons as Dr. Dayl allows you to run lower value cards such as faster on the draw. Hydro Puncher fits well into both these decks turning your Skeletons into dude booting immovable studs.

Once There Comes a Reckoning is released, Prof. Roe makes the Bio Charged Neutraliser far more viable. Luke the Errand Boy passing the Neutraliser to your shooter ensures you always have a gun ready for Hellstromme.

A posse packing both Asyncoil Guns and Aetheric Shockwave Inducers becomes a greater threat serving Hellstromme with the asyncoil gun reaching parity with the ubiquitous shotgun. Both gadgets also trigger Showboating, allowing you rack up CP’s on dudes.

If you feel really ambitious, why not try Valeria Batten and Diable en Boîte in a low value hex deck. Use Mirror, Mirror plus Shotgun and the Legendary Holster. You will ace a lot of opposing dudes.

Overall Hellstromme puts gadgets back up with hexes and spirits. Your opponent will have think carefully before going up against dudes packing ghost rock powered guns and that’s how it should be.

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