Welcome To Tombstone

With the Kickstarter wrapping up on Monday, we thought today would be an opportune time to announce what’s next for Doomtown.

While Pinnacle focuses on production and fulfillment of There Comes a Reckoning, Pine Box Entertainment (the design team) will be hard at work designing and play testing Too Tough To DieDoomtown: Reloaded‘s next expansion!

Too Tough To Die will be bigger than There Comes a Reckoning and expands the story to Tombstone. The plan is to launch it in 2018, and feature a new way for players to jump into the game.

We’ll release more details later. For now we’re focused on getting There Comes a Reckoning into your hands and on your table.

Don’t forget we’ve got the Servitor Series applications up, and this is your last chance to leave your mark on the story for this first set. We’re humbled by your support and are excited to be riding into the future of this amazing game.

Eagle Wardens – A Strategic Primer

Eagle Wardens – A Strategic Primer

by Anders ‘Suzy309’ Kernel

Do you want to command the elements? Move with the wind? Call animal spirits to your side to aid you in shootouts and command the spirits to take over Gomorra? Then the Eagle Wardens is the faction for you. We stand guard against the evil in the world that men do not see, with powerful totems, the strength of our ancestors, and the wisdom of the crow! Eh, owl I mean!

Eagle Wardens have some great studs with influence, powerful shootout spirits, and board control totems. Add in a variety of movement tricks that will leave your opponent dazed and confused. Top this off with some great homes that will support you in card draw, influence, and let you use your spirits again and you have a rock solid faction with plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

Dead Spirits Walking

Out of the tent flap, the initial Eagle Wardens home favored card draw and town square control. Of course, whenever the town square is involved, conflict is involved! As it happens, our merry band has a plethora of available support for fighting the good fight.

First of all we have Spirits, divided into totems and regular spirits. The former requires a shaman to attach the totem deed you control. Totems generally only target that deed or adjacent locations. Spirits attach to the shaman, and act like any other spell in terms of costs, pulls, and printed requirements. Calling our ancestral spirits and totem animals not only gives extra stud bonuses, but it also allows sops casualties without losing any actual dudes. The fearsome Mother Bears Rage protects our deeds from hostile takeover or the home itself if someone wanders over to our side of the street. Also use to aggressively bully dudes at an opponent’s deeds if needed. Even better, our shaman Kabeda can use the bear’s rage all over town! On the other hand, Spirit Dance, while costly, combos well with Point Blank or No Turning Back.

I can see that you want something a bit more harrowing than that! How about a posse of immortal spirit warriors fighting at your command? For that we have to awaken the Pack. Harrowed spirits do a great job of covering casualties, should we have an unlucky draw hand (or cheat and be punished for it). Remember that this totem works for any other spirits we might call as well.

However, not all our shamans rely on spirits to fight their fights for them! The meekest of shamans can become the fiercest of fighters with a spirit like Strength of the Ancestors. Turtle’s Guard gives our shaman extra protection – but sometimes we do not even need to take the fight. What if we just need that shootout action in our hand or a cheatin’ resolution or perhaps just want to filter out those off-value cards? The powerful Sun-Touched Raven comes to our aid. This spirit creates the perfect setup in any shootout while at the same time being a sidekick, thus enabling us to discard it to cover a casualty. Talking about sidekicks, this is something of an Eagle Warden specialty. Several of our dudes interact with sidekicks such as the Mountain Lion or the Spirit Horse. Plus some of our dudes have the ability to pull out sidekicks on demand Requiem for A Good Boy not only covers casualties, but also sets up Point Blank by unbooting your stud. You also get to send another dude home. Pro tip, banish notorious sops such as Brute or Willa Mae, so your posse can inflict casualties upon influential or dangerous dudes.

Kollatt created a deck that uses many of these tricks. Running values 3-4-6, it uses the outfit’s ability to ace off value cards and thin out the deck until you can expect to draw 4 of a kind regularly. Other versions of this great deck have substituted 10s for the 6s or tried to get a grifter into the starting posse.



Not only do we master spirits and sidekicks, we also move around town as we please. Spirit Trail and Ghostly Communion get us to and from our opponent’s deeds. Seize control over these deeds with our ancestor’s spirits and limiting others with the Red Horses Tail. Gateway to Beyond supports shamans such as Mazatl, Mick Aduladi, and Sarah Meoquanee who have built-in movement actions for getting to and from deeds and shootouts. Movement, isn’t enough however. Sometimes we need to control the shootouts and bring the Double Barreled, along with Mariel Lewis. For a fun trick, kidnap a hapless soul that moved out of town, and if he puts up a fight use Mariel’s action to send him home – immediately winning the shootout. Eagle Wardens tends to have expensive but powerful dudes. Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles is the embodiment of that statement. As a late game finisher, he is cheap to get into play if you have placed your totems around town and can literally finish the game if he is allowed to get to the town square. While a draw bullet, you can remedy this by calling upon the spirits or equipping him with a good ol’ pearl-handled.

Speaking of the Chief, have a look at this deck by Whizzwang. By unbooting and clever movement, Chief Stephen can rack up a staggering amount of Control Points that forces your opponent into an all-out shootout they might not be prepared for! Now if you want to play something like this with cards from the upcoming expansion There Comes a Reckoning – think about what a card like Friends in High Places can do for Stephen!


A Home by any other name

So all of these tricks aren’t enough for you? You want to know how to draw cards, gain ghost rock, and win elections? You want the toughest deck of the toughest decks? We have it. For card drawing there are few better options than Spirit Guidance to straight up get what you need. If you are playing people of the cheatin’ kind, a little insight might be better. You will always, however, need a steady Ghost Rock supply. Once all that is taken care of, make sure you have the right place for your home away from home. An old family estate works fine, or perhaps a hideout. Once you are settled in, make sure to secure it using the tricks from above – using spirit calling or just kicking dudes out of your home. Be sure to invite the right spirits in. With everything set up and your whole gang in your new home call in Nicodemus Whateley to finish it off. Saunter him into your fortress and commence voting. Be wary though! A kidnapping when Nic hits the table can be devastating – an Ambush even more so!

This is the deck that won the European Marshal, expertly piloted by VinceTurner. Any gauntlet to test your deck against the best should contain this deck. It is a beast to play against and a true manifestation of what the Eagle Wardens can accomplish:


I hope the spirits are with you and guide you on your journey through the Eagle Wardens faction. I have only touched upon a few of the deck possibilities out there and with cards like remedy and Fears No Owls the Warden’s powers continue to grow. Stand with us in our fight against evil or be craven and forgotten in the times to come.

The Sloane Gang: A Strategic Primer

The Sloane Gang: A Strategic Primer

By David “Neramoor” Avery 

Doomtown is not all black and white. Evil comes in varying shades of grey, the muddiest of which is the Sloane gang embodying those in the west who live beyond the law and steal for a living. Sloane dudes tend to be cheap with lower influence, but high bullets. Sloane herself is the biggest base shooter of any dude in the game. Sizeable studs mean that Stone works well with all of the Sloane Gang outfits. As for the other Servitors, Grimme can support your hucksters, and Raven has great synergy with Protection racket. The Sloane Gang is one of most aggressive factions in the game. If you want to run into town square and shoot a man just to watch him die, then Sloane is your faction. Sloane Gang effectively employs the themes of Bounty, Cheatin’, and Hucksters. 


Almost every Sloane Gang deck involves gaining bounty in some way in the other. What’s the point in being bad if you are not getting up the nose of the local sheriff? Gomorra has a slightly bizarre approach to bounties. Gun a man down in town square? No problem. Shoot someone trespassing in your home? No problem. Summon an unspeakable abomination in the basement of the Whateley estate to destroy the town? Not a crime. But if you break in and try and put a stop to that, you better believe that’s a bounty.  

Den of thieves, Desolation Row and Protection Racket all raise your dude’s bounty in exchange for money, with the latter two also giving you control points. Combined with Allie Hensman and the control points from either Stone or Raven, a Sloane deck can quickly accrue CP’s. Sloane decks also benefit from wanted status via additional Ghost rock from Milt Clemons, or extra bullets on Silas AimsMarion SevilleJonah Essex and Miranda Clarke. Bounties reduce costs for Sloane and Morgan Lash. Many dudes benefit from not just one bounty but a whole pile. Framed can help you out here by rushing you to 4 bounty and allowing access to You had ONE job! to turn your dudes into studs. All of these dudes are helped by the Sloane Gang’s Lawyer who can move bounties around, as can Pancho when he enters play.  

The big advantage of using bounties to get CPs is that you don’t need to run deeds to win the game. Shekky Ducky pushed this idea to its limits while placing second at the 2017 Gencon Marshal event.  This deck contains 44 actions and no deeds. 



Some themes have forty or fifty of cards to support them and still they struggle. By contrast the Sloan gang have a theme so powerful that it only has four cards, two of which don’t even work together and that’s Cheatin’. For those new to the game, if you reveal a hand in either low ball or a shootout where two or more of the cards have the same suit and value, then you are cheatin’ and your opponent may punish you for it. on the other hand is you have Barton Everest your cheatin’ five of a kind becomes a Dead Man’s Hand. Den of Thieves also lets you raise your hand by one ran. If your hand was legal, it now becomes Cheatin’, if you are already cheatin’ no problem. It’s worth noting that a legal hand made cheatin’ by Den does not trigger reveal effect like Barton, Tommy Harden, and An Accidental Reunion. By contrast a hand that becomes Cheatin’ by a devils joker is cheatin’ on reveal and triggers all of the above. The downside to Cheatin’ is of course cheating resolutions which can be pretty bad. In playtest, however, we have a phrase “cheat through the pain.” If your opponent only has one cheating card, play through it and then with a tight deck and lots of stud you should end up crushing them. If you want to get out ahead of them why not scout them out using Sight beyond Sight or cookin’ up trouble. There Comes a Reckoning brings further support from the Oriental. Supporting both bounty and cheating concepts, it’s a must for every Sloane deck. 


Most Den decks rely on monte bank to create more grifters ramping up the bounty on those dudes. This deck increases the huckster skill of Maria Kingsford to cast some awkward hexes.  


The magic of the huckster can be subtle as a slip of a card and a man’s mind is no longer his own. That’s fine for Ivor and the forth ring, but in the rugged world of the Sloane gang sometime you need to shoot a man right through the soul. Hucksters in Sloane (aka slucksters) tend to focus on shootout hexes with big boosts to their huckster skills during shootouts. That’s not to say they can’t do the other hexes, but you will either need to stack your deck or be prepared to take some risks.

Maria Kingsford is the faction’s basic huckster who becomes a powerful caster as her bounty ramps up. Dave Gorman can ruin your opponent’s day moving into a shootout using shadow walk and then acing it to turn their whole posse into draw. Follow him up with Angelica Espinosa and you can take down even the biggest dudes. With a few hexes, Emila can be both Huckster 4 and 4 stud throwing down with the toughest shooters in the Weird West. Mirror Mirror is a great utility hex depending on who you face. Corporeal Twist plays well into the Sloane trope of CPs on dudes followed up with either a Shotgun or a Soul BlastNightmare Realm synergizes with Stone, forcing your opponent to stay in a shootout they might want otherwise want to get away from. Heartseeker is another staple of the Sluckster as it forces opponents to risk their best shooter or hedge their bets by selecting a suboptimal shooter.  


This deck is particularly nasty with some big shooters, direct acing, and the real possibility of bodies on the floor following a mugging “gone wrong.”

108 Righteous Bandits – A Strategic Primer

108 Righteous Bandits – A Strategic Primer

by Dave ‘Doomdog’ Hogg

Deadlands fans that have adventured in The Great Maze might recognise this faction.  Hailing from the charmingly named Devil’s Armpit, the 108 Righteous Bandits are a ragtag bunch of misfits headed up by T’ou Chi Chow.  During his younger days, Chow spent some time in Europe and was influenced by Anarchist and Communist philosophies. In turn, this reflects how the Righteous Bandits tend to operate.  They steal from the rich and greedy, but distribute their spoils to the poor and needy, like a Weird West version of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.  They also stand up for the little guy against big business and robber barons, acting as Doomtown: Reloaded’s home for things related to the ‘labor’ Western trope.  Their members include a large number of martial arts practitioners, so they will be your faction of choice if you fancy throwing some Kung Fu moves.  The Bandits can also call upon the support of several Blessed who bring Holy magic to aid their cause.

It’s worth noting that specific cards for both the 108 Righteous Bandits and the Eagle Wardens Outfits won’t be found in the base set or any expansions prior to Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force.  However the earlier sets do still contain plenty of cards that you can use with them.

Why Play the 108?

The 108 Righteous Bandits pack a lot of versatility across their numerous dudes. They are a good home for those who want to try a variety of deck types and play styles.  Their signature mechanic is Kung Fu, which provides strong shootout control options once mastered.  The Bandits also have access to plenty of ways to move their dudes around town and manipulate their economy, which makes them attractive to technical players.  Their dudes, movement, and economic abilities combined make them ideally suited for a ‘dudes and deeds’ approach.  An important thing to note if you’re thinking of getting involved in the tournament scene is that the Outfit card 108 Worldly Desires has been banned from competitive play.  Don’t let that put you off the 108, however, as they still have plenty of things going for them.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fightin’

The Deadlands setting features a host of wuxia warriors, and in Doomtown the majority can be found within the ranks of the 108.  Kung Fu may at first look similar to skills like Huckster or Mad Scientist, but the way it works is very different.  Kung Fu dudes make use of action cards with the Technique keyword, and these are predominantly Shootout actions.  Unlike spells or gadgets, they don’t attach to the dude.  If the Technique belongs to a Tao, then you can play additional actions from the same Tao from your hand or discard pile in a combo, as long as the requirements set out on the card are fulfilled. Keeping track of where your Tao Techniques are is key to a Kung Fu deck – if your discard pile is small, it may not be the best time to fight, but if it is overflowing you’ll be able to unleash a devastating flurry of kicks and punches in a shootout.

There are currently three sets of Tao Techniques, each with its own particular style, and a handful of other support techniques.  The Tao of Zhu Bajie manipulates bullets and value to make your dude stronger at your opponents’ expense.  This Tao can build up a dude into a scary big shooter.  You can take advantage of your raised bullets and opponents’ lower values by bringing a Shotgun, or else finish your combo with Zhu’s Reward.  If you start your shootout by Pigging Out, you get even more out of your Tao.  Dudes with high bullets to start with, like Bai Yang Chen or Mr. Outang are well suited to this Tao, while Yunxu Jiang  and Forster Cooke can further boost your bullets.  El Armadillo Hierro can reach incredible numbers of bullets if lots of Techniques happen during his shootout.

The Tao of the Jade Rabbit emphasises lightning quick movement and confusion.  Your dudes can leap into and out of the shootout, potentially sending opponents home in the process before finishing with Rabbit Takes Revenge to take the most threatening opponent by surprise.  Run Rabbit Run works similarly to Pigging Out, but for the Tao of the Jade Rabbit.  Wang Men Wu‘s ability means that he can essentially leap out of a shootout and back in on his own. Thanks to the Gunslinger token, his posse never empties.  Longwei Fu‘s trait means he can end a combo with Rabbit’s Deception and still provide a stud bonus to the posse.

The Tao of the Bull Demon King absorbs damage through superhuman resilience, finishing with an uncontrolled burst of destruction.  This Tao works best when defending deeds, as it isn’t possible to combo from Two Hundred Fifty Rounds if you don’t control the location of the Shootout.  Behold White Bull is at its most devastating when performed by a dude with high influence.  Xui Yin Chen could use it to do a lot of damage, while Shi Long Peng could use Miracles to reduce the damage to your own dudes.

Outside of the Taos, we have Shifu Speaks, which can be used during Noon to set up big Kung Fu combos for the turn ahead.  Focusing Chi is another card that allows for setup and card cycling.  One Fights As Many starts a job that if successful can result in a lot of Control Points.  

Kung Fu also gets support from non-Technique cards.  The 108 Drunken Masters Outfit is perhaps the best choice for Kung Fu focused decks.  It also helps you get more from Baijiu Jars, which are an excellent way to put Taos into your discard pile to enable combos.  Giving your dude some Nunchucks will make their Kung Fu stronger, as will taking a sip of Zui Waidan‘s special brew.  Plague of Grasshoppers can be used to move your Kung Fu dudes to where they need to go.

This deck has been used to great success by Khudzlin in multiple online leagues.  It borrows Allie Hensman from the Sloane Gang for her ability to generate control points. Kung Fu dudes protect her by using Tao of the Jade Rabbit to control and dominate shootouts.


Property is Theft

The 108 Righteous Bandits have some of the best dudes in the game for moving around town, causing chaos at deeds and manipulating their economy.  Simply by playing The 108 Righteous Bandits Outfit and starting Asakichi Cooke you’ll have the early mobility advantage over a lot of decks. You can easily bypass threats, tempt opponents into chasing you and thus putting them in bad positions, or escaping from sticky situations yourself.  Daomei Wang adds to these tricks, as can Mustangs and Guide Horses, making your dudes incredibly difficult to pin down.  Blessed dudes can lend support to this strategy with the Miracles Amazing Grace and Walk the Path.  Having your dudes around town controlling deeds makes it cheaper to play T’ou Chi Chow himself, and his ability increases your mobility further still.  Take advantage of this to position dudes where you can get the most from them.  Hiram Capatch can enable your zero influence dudes to deny your opponent the chance to collect production from their deeds, or prevent them from doing the same to you.  Hamshanks protects your dudes at his location from being targeted by abilities.  Randall increases your hand size when he has an audience.  In games where your opponent has taken a similar approach, Seamus McCaffrey can make the difference between losing and winning.  Take advantage of your mobility to engage in some Righteous Banditry with This is a Holdup!

In keeping with their theme the 108 Righteous Bandits have ways of generating extra ghost rock but also benefit from not hoarding their wealth.  By starting the Core Deed Comphanhurst’s, the 108 can trade some of their starting stash for greater production as long as they hold the Saloon, and its trait makes many of their economy manipulating dudes’ effects more reliable.  The extra production allows you to start with more upkeep without feeling the pinch.  Benjamin Washington can remove the upkeep costs entirely on the first turn and Abuelita Espinoza can reduce upkeep costs by one while she is at an opposing deed.  Caitlin McCue can give your Public deeds a production boost while at a Government deed, while Xiang Fang gives an immediate burst of ghost rock upon entering play but must be used carefully.  This extra ghost rock allows you to get cards into play faster, and if you spend your stash quicker than your opponent you can trigger the effects of dudes like Natalya and Shizeng Lu.  If you’re having difficulty spending your ghost rock then the like of Sophie Lacoste and Jim Hexter can help.  Time the use of Carlton “Min” Rutherford‘s ability for when the loss of the ghost rock would make you the player with least in their stash.

This combination of movement, economic strength, and ability to quickly grow the town means that many people use the 108 Righteous Bandits to build decks that are described as “Landslide” or “Dudes and Deeds”.  These decks focus entirely on building their street up quickly to the point where their opponent is overwhelmed by the number of control points, Meanwhile, these decks play cheap dudes and attires to keep their own influence at a safe level.  The original versions of these decks attempted to avoid shootouts altogether and so disregarded draw structure in favor of the most efficient cards, but the metagame evolved to counter this approach.  Modern variations on this strategy can often have a plan for dealing with shootouts, and Rich Carter’s win at the 2017 World Championships with such a deck demonstrated its effectiveness.



Blessed are the Righteous

I’ve already touched upon a couple of uses for the 108 Righteous Bandits’ Blessed dudes above.  Though few in number compared to their counterparts in the Law Dogs, they still provide useful support to the outfit.  One thing unique to the 108’s Blessed is their interaction with Miracles that have the Hymn keyword.  While there are only two such spells at present, they are both useful to the 108.  Stevie Lyndon gets a massive +4 bonus to his Blessed skill when casting Hymns, meaning he can successfully cast Amazing Grace even if he pulls a 2, allowing you to run both Hymns in the same deck.  As long as Lucretia Fanzini is in the town square, she can sing Onward Christian Soldiers to benefit your dudes in any in-town shootout without needing to be in the posse.

He Fang and Shi Long Peng round out the numbers of the 108 Righteous Bandits’ Blessed dudes, and both are also able to use Kung Fu.  Combining the casualty reducing Miracles Get Behind Me, Satan! and Shield of Faith with the Tao of the Bull Demon King will protect your dudes from White Bull‘s fury.  Mixing up Kung Fu and Sentinel  would make an interesting challenge.  Outside of Kung Fu, Dumbstruck and Walk the Path can be used alongside Amazing Grace to support your movement tricks.  He Fang also has good synergy with his other half, Xiang Fang.

forkbanger’s deck from the recent Epitaph event series incorporates Blessed.  He uses Stevie Lyndon with Onward Christian Soldiers alongside Tao of Zhu Bajie Kung Fu and Xui Yin Chen.  With the combined bullet bonuses and protection from opposing bullet modification, it makes those Shotguns and Legendary Holster much harder to counter.  


Morgan Cattle Company – Strategic Primer

Morgan Cattle Company – Strategic Primer

By David “Neramoor” Avery

In Doomtown, the Morgan Cattle company represent the classic cowboy entrepreneur spirit which won the West. Their dudes tend to cost more than other factions, but have a higher influence to compensate. Morgan also packs mid-range bullets that can shoot out of the box. Add a few horses, guns, or gadgets and they become dangerous indeed. Below I discuss three of MCC’s themes and provide links to some example decks.


Morgan has two horse-based outfits in Morgan Stables and Morgan Regulators. Regulators provides more versatility, but with the right deck the extra action from Stables can win games. The key card in the current meta for Horse decks is Calling the cavalry. It is one of the only cards in the game to give you an almost unlimited hand rank boost. If you can get four horses into a shootout you can turn a full house into dead man’s hand. As long as your hand stays legal there is a limited amount your opponent can do about it. You need to be careful with Calling the Cavalry, as it’s a headline so there can only be one played per shootout. Make sure you play it as your first action to lock your opponent out. Ride ’em down gives you strong dude removal with the extra utility that you can use it boot out key dudes and without the downsides of Kidnappin’ with which it shares a value.

The horses themselves give you strong movement effects. Guide Horse lets you exert pressure on your opponent’s deeds or home without needing to boot to get back to town square. Mustang‘s simple effect is one of the strongest movement effects in the game, and a stud with a pinto is a real threat to your opponent. A harrowed dude like “Dead” Billy Jones or Mario Crane and a cavalry escort lets you cover two casualties without losing a dude (one for the sidekick and one for sending the harrowed dude home booted). Whichever horse you need, Maggie Harris can get them from your discard pile with almost no risk. Irving Patterson can join Maggie and gains the ghost rock even if no one opposes the job.

Perhaps the biggest threat of a horse deck is the ability to prevent your opponent from out manoeuvring you. Jarrett Blake with a shotgun or a legendary holster can force your opponent to play conservatively and stay out of shootouts. NuFenix used this concept well at the Manchester epitaph winning the swiss part of the event:



Gadgets come in many flavors and Morgan utilises all of them. Weapons get a big boost in There Comes a Reckoning with the arrival of Darius Hellstromme, Prof Roe, and the Devils Six Gun. Right now, however, the gadget meta revolves around Yagn’s Mechanical Skeletons and Hydropunchers.

Using regulators, a mad scientist can invent a mechanical skeleton and unboot, move to town square, and become a stud with the outfit. Since a mechanical skeleton makes you a gadget dude, attach a hydro puncher as a second weapon and suddenly your demure 2 draw mad scientist becomes a fearsome 6 stud. With either Margaret Hagerty or Recursive Motion Machine, you can offset or reduce your upkeep to pay for more horses.

Other tricks with gadget horses include Doris Powell on a mechanical horse or using personal ornithopter with Dead Billy Jones to cover your casualties. Force Field can raise your hand rank to parity with your opponent before using Outgunned or It’s Not What You Know to push you over the top.

This is my RoboRegulators deck which placed second at the 2017 European championship. It can punch out most control or spell decks, including sprit fortress. It struggles against out and out shooters, particularly conventional horse decks.


Morgan Cattle Company Dudes and Deed Slide

“Deed Slide” decks attempt to win by playing an overwhelming number of deeds to out strip their opponent’s influence. These decks have been powerhouses since Classic and all the way through Reloaded, but are somewhat controversial as they try not to interact with their opponent. On the other hand, If they didn’t exist, no one would play back up shooters with influence, and abominations with high bullets and no influence would rule.

Simply put, this deck and most slide decks focus on speed and economy. The Morgan Cattle Company allows you to play deeds cheaply, giving you more ghost rock to play more deeds and so on. As you accumulate deeds, you will need more influence to stop your opponent from using your deeds against you. But once your opponent has moved one of their dudes onto a deed, they are now poorly positioned as they will need to boot to move anywhere else. As the game progresses, you should out economy your opponent and start spreading out their dudes while you get more deeds and more control points.

You should avoid shootout and contesting jobs, as your deck will not be stacked as your opponent’s. This can work to your advantage as they won’t be able to cycle shootout cards. Meanwhile, you play out your hand every turn, as card draw is essential to maintain tempo with slide decks.

Early on you need to be careful how you use your outfit ability, as it leaves your dude booted. Thus they end up vulnerable at most in-town deeds. Maza Gang Hideout helps protect your booted dude. You can get around the booting risk by using movement effects such as Mechanical Horse, Mustang, or Make the Smart Choice to get your dude out of trouble. Early kidnappings can also dent your starting posse, but if you can tough it out for three to four turns you should cruise to victory.

JayJester recently used the following deck in the OCTGN league. The advantage of this deck over a non-gadget build is the extra card draw from Disgenuine Currency Press gets the deck moving early: https://dtdb.co/en/decklist/2242/doomsday-currency-slide-v2