With the Kickstarter wrapping up on Monday, we thought today would be an opportune time to announce what’s next for Doomtown.

While Pinnacle focuses on production and fulfillment of There Comes a Reckoning, Pine Box Entertainment (the design team) will be hard at work designing and play testing Too Tough To DieDoomtown: Reloaded‘s next expansion!

Too Tough To Die will be bigger than There Comes a Reckoning and expands the story to Tombstone. The plan is to launch it in 2018, and feature a new way for players to jump into the game.

We’ll release more details later. For now we’re focused on getting There Comes a Reckoning into your hands and on your table.

Don’t forget we’ve got the Servitor Series applications up, and this is your last chance to leave your mark on the story for this first set. We’re humbled by your support and are excited to be riding into the future of this amazing game.

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