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Howdy, cowpokes! We are happy to announce that we have just released the latest updates to both the Rulebook (version 1.4.0) and Rules Compendium (version 0.8.0). There are some pretty extensive updates this round, so here’s an overview of some of the biggest changes (some of which have been announced previously):

  • The terms “faction,” “outfit,” and “gang” have all been formally defined in relation to one another.
  • Formally switching to “starting gang” as the preferred term instead of “starting posse.”
  • Dudes are now limited to one Attire each, just as Horses and Weapons are handled.
  • Clarification of the posse formation process for jobs.
  • Cleaning up the wording of cards being “worth” or “having” control points (it’ll be “has” from here on out).
  • Streamlining the “Core” keyword.
  • Clarification of “Noon/Shootout” abilities when used during a shootout.
  • Definition of “Prevention” in Doomtown, and the ins and outs of how prevention of effects works in action.
  • Addition of the “Rowdy” keyword for deeds (which checks for control with bullets instead of influence).
  • Various specific card rulings.

If you’d like to review each and every change in detail, as always, please check out the Recent Updates log!

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