by Robert Campbell

The Fear Mongers is the new broad name for the Fourth Ring faction. In Pinebox Entertainment’s upcoming release for Doomtown: Reloaded, Too Tough To Die, they receive a variety of new dudes to round out existing themes. Plus the set features the return of a familiar face. The narrative’s move to Tombstone also means several of our new Fear Monger dudes in this expansion work for Baron LaCroix’s sinister Bayou Vermilion railroad company.

Papa Marias is a novelty for the Fear Mongers – a three Ghost Rock cost Huckster with influence and zero upkeep. He’s an ideal backup Huckster for your starting gang, giving you some staying power if an early aggressive job or forced callout removes your main Huckster. His low cost helps Fear Mongers experiment with previously expensive starting gang combinations. Not only that, but his ability gives you some handy movement options. Your opponent now has to think twice before booting Out of Town, as Papa Marias can boot to follow them out there, then use his ability to bring in one of your unbooted Hucksters for an unrefusable callout against a booted dude. There are many other situations where a seemingly minor ability can prove vital, and hopefully  players will enjoy discovering these.

Next we come to the Fear Mongers’ two new new Abominations, as the Bayou Vermilion railroad adds some terrifying muscle. These bad boys should find a home in both Abomination and Huckster decks, as their high values help ensure your Hucksters can pass their spell pulls. Skinwalker makes up part of Baron LaCroix’s force in Tombstone, and plays up the tactical movement element of Doomtown by allowing you to boot him, or indeed any of your other Abomination dudes to trigger his ability. The Tonton Macoute can use its brute force to lower an opposing dude’s bullets or crush their weapon, booting it and denying your opponent a dangerous opposing ability for the remainder of the turn.

Kevin Wainwright is now Experienced , which should come as no surprise given all the chaos and death he was part of in Gomorra. The Fourth Ring Circus was Kevin’s family, but his experienced version now extends to supporting a broader range of Fear Monger themes. His new ability triggers when an Abomination or a Huckster is present, not just the latter. Not only that, he also plays in to the Fear Mongers’ grit hunting theme by giving you additional cards when in the presence of a high grit dude. If there isn’t suitably impressive prey available, both Black Owl and Rosenbaum’s Golem from There Comes a Reckoning can boost an opposing dude’s grit during a shootout. Finally, Kevin can also trigger his ability during a shootout, so you’ll no longer be caught without one of your studs if your opponent forces a gunfight before you take a noon action.

The exciting new toys for the Fear Mongers aren’t confined to dudes, as you can now arm your abominations with terrifying Claws, turning even meek Pagliaccios into studs. Your expensive Hucksters with influence can send abominations into conflicts via an arcane Gateway , while remaining safely at home. With Too Tough to Die, your opponent will never be safe from the terrifying things that lurk in Tombstone’s shadows!

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