by Robert Campbell

With Doomtown: Reloaded’s  story moving from Gomorra to Tombstone, the Morgan Cattle Company now becomes part of the broader Entrepreneurs faction. Individual homes will continue to represent particular facets of philosophically aligned groups, such as the Morgan Cattle Company itself or Morgan Regulators. Too Tough to Die brings new Entrepreneur dudes to the game as well as two gadgets that will find a place in many of the faction’s decks. There’s money to be made in Tombstone, and the Entrepreneurs are willing to take the risks necessary to seize control of the town.

Horses have been a feature of Entrepreneur cards since Doomtown Reloaded’s base set, and Vida Azul builds on this theme. She’s an ideal support character, providing reasonably priced influence with no upkeep. Her ability unboots your horses, or even your stronger dudes themselves if you discard a Goods card. Discarding a card has benefits such as removing an unwanted joker or an expensive card you’re not ready to play yet. Vida works well with Maggie Harris as this combination allows you to discard a Horse Goods to unboot a strong dude. Then you can run Maggie’s job to fetch the Horse back from your discard pile. This expansion also brings with it the game’s first horse on Three of Hearts to complement Vida. The Quarter Horse helps keep your dudes at useful locations even after running a job, complementing the next Tombstone stalwart we’ll introduce you to.

Takahasi Jinrai provides the always useful combination of influence with no upkeep. Not only that, he provides the means to boost your production and fund more deeds, dudes, and goods. Your opponent might decide to interfere with Takahasi’s improvement projects. So to face the dangers of the Weird West he’ll frequently need to be escorted by tough enforcers. “Handsome” Dan Deeds serves a similar function, albeit booting at a risky location rather than running a job and costing one ghost rock in upkeep per turn. He may, however, bring the extra control point needed to force victory. Both dudes encourage a more interactive, higher risk-reward style for the Entrepreneurs. You have to speculate to accumulate!

While Too Tough To Die may not feature any new Entrepreneur Mad Scientists, Gadget fans still have shiny new toys to play with. Electrostatic Pump Gun helps give you the edge in shootouts by improving your own bullets while reducing your opponent’s. It is the first Gadget Weapon to appear on the Five of Hearts value, and helps unlock a new aggressive deck style using powerful shootout actions such as Pistol Whip. The Analytical Cognisizer while subtle, helps boost the reliability of existing cards, such as Miasmatic Purifier and Aetheric Shockwave Inducer. Better yet, it unboots Mad Scientists, freeing them up to invent more gadgets that turn.

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