We’ve got lots of great plans for the Weird West partners, and we wanted to take the time at GenCon to announce what’s in store for y’all. Whether you’ve just joined us through There Comes a Reckoning’s Kickstarter or drifted into town a while back, we’ve got three special events planned for 2019. Which leads us to…

The Agency, a Denver-based secret government organization, hunts the supernatural. Nearby in Aurora, players will have the first of three opportunities to impact the Deadlands storyline. Players in this Doomtown Destination Event will vote to choose which faction will play a major part in assisting the Agency in their fight against the Reckoners. The winning player will choose a dude who will play a pivotal role in the story by joining the Agency in the fight against evil in the Weird West.

Now the Texas Rangers (counterpart to the Agency) and Agency invoke the Twilight Protocol, joining forces against the coming darkness. Players at ChupacabraCon will vote for who will join the Texas Rangers in the fight to save humanity.

At both conventions, players will have the opportunity to participate in a side event, ‘Twilight is Upon Us.’ After the Deadlands events that occurred in The Cackler, the skies seem a little darker, the vast prairies a little lonelier, and distances between burgs a little longer and more dangerous. It’s almost as if a permanent twilight has fallen…

In these variant events, players will choose between the Heroes of the Weird West, or making Evil their Choice. Choosing a side will have consequences to the story, as the wins for both sides will affect the conclusion as told in the premier act of this series.

Act III: The Twilight Legion

“Heroes from across the Weird West were recruited into a new and secret order, the Twilight Legion. They owed allegiance to no nation or flag – only to humanity’s survival.”

Doomtown World Destination Event: Tombstone, Arizona: October, 2019

October 26, 2019. On the anniversary of the infamous street fight between the Earps and the Cowboys, we will celebrate Doomtown in the very town that was Too Tough to Die. The American Legion will proudly host Doomtown players from around the world in this truly amazing destination event. Stay tuned for more plans including ventures in around Tombstone as a community, side events, and transportation and hotel deals as we prepare for a memorable journey into history. Be forewarned partners, the fate of the West is in your hands. If a player using a Servitor or joining the Fearmongers wins this event, it will have dire consequences on the future of Tombstone!

Moving Forward

Beyond events, we’re working on some amazing new ways for players to experience Doomtown at home with variations of the game and ways to make some promotional items available for those that are unable to travel to these events. We recognize that Doomtown encompasses a global community. For those on the other side of the world, Copenhagen, Denmark in August, 2020 will host that year’s World Destination Event!

Thank you all for making this game and community the best around,


David Lapp
Doomtown: Reloaded Community Manager

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