By Joe James

Up until Too Tough To Die, The First Peoples (née the Eagle Wardens) have had an interesting place among the various archetypes of Doomtown. Their most widely known and successful tournament archetype was Spirit Fortress, which used Beyond the Veil to massively build up a single deed with totems. They would then use their dudes to bestow Nicodemus Whateley with more control points than the opposition could handle. Occasionally one saw Warden Blockade decks that controlled the town square, along with other spirit-oriented movement and shootout decks.

With the banning of Showboating, and the errata of Nicodemus Whateley, the Spirit Fortress archetype essentially disappeared overnight. Now the release of Too Tough To Die (2T2D) brings a whole new archetype, new life into existing ones, and even a new outfit.

Perhaps most exciting for The First Peoples in 2T2D are two new Kung-Fu dudes, Feichi “Suitcase” Lee and Matthew Rising Sun. Previously the faction had only one dude, Wei Xu and one drifter available for Kung-Fu starters. Neither of them were particularly impressive enough to make a solid Kung-Fu deck, but these two new dudes remedy that situation.

Suitcase can make pulls at 5 and below, but comes with a whopping 2 influence, stud status, and a cool ability. Matthew goes one better by making pulls at 6 and below, has influence, and also stud status. Most importantly, Matthew has a Kung-Fu rating of 3! This is rare even in the Anarchists. Among dudes with only 1 upkeep or less, only Longwei Fu fits this description. This high Kung-Fu rating allows massive combo potential, and also synergizes with with a new 2T2D technique, Monkey Goes to the Mountain.

Put them together, and along with the new outfit and you might have a deck that looks something like this: 

This deck takes advantage of Matthew’s high Kung-Fu rating for use with both Monkey Goes to the Mountain and the Zhu Baije Taos. It also starts a whopping 6 influence, which could be raised to 7 by swapping out Suitcase for Matthew. If The First Peoples see another Kung-Fu dude who can succeed at pulls of 7 or lower, the Tao of the Bull Demon King could see some heavy use with such high influence starting gangs. Or just give Matthew a pair of Nunchucks and cause some havoc!

Existing archetypes also gain some very exciting new cards. Alexander Sequoia is a major game changer for any First Peoples deck. A 4 ghost rock, 2 influence dude allows a lot more flexibility just by himself as he can free up a space that might normally require an influence dude, or even allow a previously unviable expensive dude. Imagine a Blockade type deck, like this one from the Worlds 2018 tournament:

Sequoia is a great match with Mariel Lewis, and together with Enapay as the main starting Shaman, the total noon influence for Mariel’s ability reaches a whopping 7! Add a couple of 1 ghost rock bullet catchers like Willa Mae and Henry Moran, and you’re still looking at the same starting wealth and income as the above deck. Swap out Mariel for Sequoia, and you’ll have a less aggressive start but a much better economic position for long term benefits.

Sequoia’s ability fits into other First People’s archetypes as well, as you can see immediate benefits using the original Eagle Wardens outfit. Also, when in the town square, he helps trigger the new Spiritual Society ability, or even as a movement trick after moving to a deed and booting back to the town square.

2T2D also brings in two new Shamans. Matilda Loomis is a novelty in that she has a Shaman rating greater than 0, influence, and no upkeep. The other is the well known Geronimo. As an affordable King value dude with influence and a 2 stud, he gives another good option for that value. His ability is unique, as it can discard an opposing totem, an opponent’s Doomsday Supply, an opposing condition like Putting the Pieces Together, or a number of other deed and home-based attachments.

A New Outfit

The First Peoples receive one of 2T2D’s new outfits, The Spiritual Society. Like the original Eagle Wardens home, this outfit benefits from controlling the town square. Unlike the original home, however, this outfit has chess-like applications. Moving your influence dude to a deed may force your opponent to bring multiple dudes to contest it as the first becomes booted as soon as they move there. It also allows for some fun combos with cards like …It’s who you know, to first boot their dude then call them out with your influence dude who is now a big bullet stud.

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