by Laura Marie Scott

Welcome to a strategy article full of spoilers!  That’s what happens when you mention all the cards in your article to Pine Box, before they finish setting the spoilers.

The Outlaws in this this third set from Pine Box set are an interesting mix of dudes. Whether you want to play for a Badge or just for fun, there’s a little bit of everything. We have a new Harrowed, a high cost stud, an impressive huckster, and a possible new starter.

Did I mention the new outfit? It’s been spoiled before actually, during GenCon last year when the first acrylic version was my Top of Faction prize.

Multiple fun ideas for this Noon, Boot ability. Jonah’s Alliance is great for controlling locations as it allows you to turn draws into studs. Outlaws have a lot of high bullet, cheap draw dudes. In Outlaws think Buford Hurley, Frank Stillwell, or the new dude spoiled just a little later in this article Remember the same sort of numbers exist in drifter dudes as well, the home pairs well with starting Henry Moran, Travis Moone, or Jacqueline Isham (without needing her react). In a turn or two you easily wind up with a cheap 3 or 4 stud suddenly controlling that one deed your opponent just cannot function without.

As for the second part of the ability, anyone want to use the myriad of free hexes in the game for this? Pick from any of the low difficulty hexes usually seen in Outlaw decks (Bedazzle, Fetch, or Forget, for example) to shut down any number of on table shootout bonuses or cheatin’ actions for free…from anywhere on the table. The ability even works to stop the ever dangerous Legendary Holster. I’ve made a couple fun, updates hex/shootout decks with this home. I look forward to seeing what other players come up with (look for/post decks to share at Doomtown DB).

Johnny Ringo is one of the Outlaw cards that’s already been spoiled. He’s part of a design set of high cost dudes with influence and no upkeep (you’ll notice some in the other gangs). He’s more expensive than our other three 8 value dudes, but I think he’s worth in include an that value. One option is to put him in a Desolation Row deck — once the ghost rock starts flowing — you can pick off the rest of your opponent’s posse, because they cannot add the extra bullets from their non-shooters. Another option, if you like Legends, is throw him in a deck with Jasper Stone. Once Johnny’s in play and Stone uses his ability, he’d be a 4 stud, before any weapons, against a posse that can only use their shooter’s bullets and cannot affect Johnny’s with anything (unless he’s cheatin’). With his high cost, he’s also a good candidate for A Piece of the Action. Pack your deck with him, A Piece of the Action, and Shotgun and you suddenly have a 3 stud, 2 influence dude with a Shotgun for 4 ghost rock. Hard to beat that economy of scale.

Speaking of candidates for A Piece of the Action, look at our new Harrowed dude, Curly Bill Brocius. Play him in Protection Racket to keep your opponent locked out of Town Square or in Desolation Row to make the casualties stack up. If you really want your opponent to groan over his React, remember the Curly Bill is on a Q value. Add No Turning Back or Takin’ Ya With Me. The increased destruction, along with his casualty soaking Harrowedness, makes him one nasty dude despite the expense.

Spoiler! Meet Big Nose Kate. At 5 cost with 3 bullets (draw), 1 influence and no upkeep, she’s versatile and solid for anyone wanting to use Shotgun trickery since with her ability you can get her to 5 bullets without a whole lot of work. She’s also fond of Pearl-Handed Revolver. Play Bowie Knife or Winchester Model 1873 instead and you can get to 6 stud for 1 additional ghost rock.  Kate can also generate the bounty to get the bounty machine started. Try pairing her with Makaio Kaleo, Esq. for more fun and then watch the Aims brothers make a name for themselves or use Milt Clemmons to build you a nice pile of ghost rock. Don’t discount Kate’s discard ability either. It’s good for cycling cards in the early game, just give the bonus to whoever is handy, even if that’s herself or your starting stud.

Also joining us in Tombstone is Violet Esperanza, a 2 stud, 2 influence, highly skilled Huckster (2) at 6 cost and 3 upkeep. On a 10 value she meshes well with the staples Shadow Walk and Unprepared. Combine her with Kidnappin’ or Curse of Failure and any number of cheap hexes and she becomes a threat to kill, on top of her job effect.  For a change of pace, the Outlaws can play like Fearmongers, instead of our traditional low value hex decks, with her Blood Curse is passable on a 7.

Strategy wouldn’t be complete without pulling in at least one card from the other suites. I present to you Test of Wills. This no cost action on a King is good for any shootout deck. Or any deck.  Got an empty slot left in your deck design? Add this King to your deck for the ability to boot an opposing card. A great companion piece to any suicide run (to boot out their influence) or in a situation when someone has several different actions on goods on the table (Jael’s Guile, Flame-Thrower, Turtle’s Guard, etc.). If you’re opponent is playing Walk the Path, they will hate this card.  On top of those beautiful ideas, the react is the perfect style to stop Pistol Whip and Carter’s Bounties.

To be fair, if you’d rather ruin the Outlaws’ day, just read this spoiler on Bird Cage Theater.  You don’t need me to tell you how much these dudes will hate that card.

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