Law Dogs in Out for Blood

Law Dogs in Out for Blood

by David Avery

Out for Blood Pine Box Entertainment’s latest expansion for Doomtown, features some new tricks for the Laws Dogs: a new outfit, a zombie, plus a new Sherriff.

Law dog’s mad science has always faced three problems: tempo, influence, and bounties. As the forces of law and order move beyond Tombstone and into the greater Deadlands, the Agency has made their top-secret weapon test facility Fort 51 available to the ‘Dogs. The Law dogs already have two outfits that can bounty up opposing dudes. The need to either boot one or more dudes, or catch your opponent cheating, nevertheless limits the efficacy of these outfits. The Fort, combined with Quincy Washburn and a ready supply of gadget weapons, lets you keep putting out bounty. Janosz Pratt also works with the Fort by making dudes wanted from a standing start. The noon action helps alleviate tempo stopping hand jams and keeps your deck flowing.

Meanwhile, Reverend Endicott joins the ranks of ecclesiastical Law Dogs. The good reverend combos well with Father Tolairos to build a Miracle digging engine. Alternatively, just leave the bounty on your opponent’s dudes and fuel the Arsenal.

Classic Deadlands: Doomtown had plenty of lawmen who didn’t let death stop them on their quest for justice. Tombstone Frank, Sherriff Coleman, and of course Andrew Lane (aka the Ghost himself) were all law men battling their manitous as well as outlaws. Sgt. Elijah Clay now joins these harrowed lawmen. He’s expensive, but with the right setup he overcomes having the sun in his eyes, faster on the draw, and other nasty shootout shenanigans.

Law Dogs players have long yearned for a deck that plays around the iconic, but underwhelming tin star. With Out for Blood, that all changes. Enrique Dos Santos wears his tin star with pride, allowing him to threaten any isolated dude. He’s also nasty as he runs ‘em down. Not everyone is a fan of tin stars. Heck, Jasper Stone makes a hobby of collecting them. Enrique can work, however as a possibly unwitting agent of Stone.

Normally Enrique has to go looking for trouble, but with You’re a Daisy if You Do he can stand in town square and wait from trouble to come to him. It’s particularly useful for the Law Dogs when opposing their old foes in the Sloane gang or Desolation Row who can no longer hide at home with their control points.

In Tombstone, Wyatt Earp leads the forces of law and order. Wyatt plays into the aggressive early push that has typified Law Dogs decks since Blood Moon Rising. The more cops who get sent to an early grave, the angrier and cheaper Earp gets.  Earp can go to toe to toe with any of the other faction leaders, giving as good as he gets. He rounds out the already strong Law Dogs cheatin’ punishment theme. Combined with Hattie Delorre, and faster on the draw, you can punish your opponent even more aggressively than ever before. Heck, as long stud bullet advantage with a kings-based deck, Wyatt becomes even more fearsome when facing down opponents at point blank range.