by David Avery with an introduction by David Lapp

Lacy O’Malley was born in Ireland and subsequently raised in New York. He joined the Tombstone Epitaph in 1875, writing stories on the supernatural occurrences of the Weird West. Lacy is a prominent figure in the Deadlands universe and a member of the Explorer’s Society, a league of heroes involved in the Twilight Legion. Lacy aims to bring truth to the common people expose the Reckoners and join heroes together in the fight to save humanity.

The four servitors in There Comes a Reckoning serve as embodiments of Deadland’s Reckoners. They provide significant benefits such as ways to buff bullets, gain control points, or find and attach spells. These benefits come at a price in the form of added starting cost along with a detrimental trait that a skilled opponent can exploit. The heroes of the Weird West are less overtly powerful, but they are pure of heart and harder to play around. Lacy O’Malley’s detriment requires some forethought, but with careful planning should not provide an undue hindrance. While at the same time, the second part of his trait facilitates extraordinary card draw.

“Card effects cannot cause cards to leave your discard pile, and cards in your discard pile cannot be played.”

Lacy does inherently rule out certain deck concepts while limiting others. Kung fu, the Office of Ancestral affairs, and of course the ubiquitous Maggie Harris horse decks are unusable with Lacy. Doomsday Supply, Technological Exhibition, and Buried Treasure, are also out. Still, many deck archetypes can benefit from the veteran newshound. Search effects like Father Tolarios will still partially work as long as the card you seek resides in your deck rather than your discard pile. There is also no restriction about pulling cards out of boot hill, so the Fearmongers necromancy effects that bring back aced cards remain effective. Crucially, these are all decisions you make in deck building rather than something you will need to consider during play. So once your deck is built you no longer need to worry about Lacy’s weakness. 

“During Sundown, discard all cards in your play hand”

Hand jam in any card game is a problem, since if you don’t draw many cards you are limited in what your deck can do. Doomtown lets you discard a card at sundown and then draw back up to your regular hand size. When your deck is firing on all cylinders, this might mean you redraw three or four cards every turn. However, we have all been in situations where nothing is working and your hand is full of cards you just can’t quite get into play. This can happen if you get a clump of high priced cards, if you are playing against a slide deck which won’t let you play your shootout actions, or if you are just plumb unlucky. Lacy shortcuts all these scenarios by guaranteeing you five new cards in hand every turn. This allows you to get through your deck reliably, giving you significant card advantage over your opponent. Be warned, not being able to hold on to some cards does mean you need to adapt your play style. 

Frequently you will hold a card at the end of your turn to ensure you have cheatin’ punishment or at least give the impression that you have some. Lacy nullifies that strategy, so on table cheatin’ punishment is a must. This makes the Law Dogs a natural home for Lacy with both Virgil and Wyatt Earp providing significant disincentives to cheatin’. And don’t forget those long-time Law Dog stalwarts, Philip Swinford and Tommy Harden. Weapons such as Lemat Revolver, Jael’s Guile and Quickdraw Handgun also present powerful reasons for your opponent to play legal hands. Hell’s Coming With Me adds a new cheatin’ spirit useful in a shootout.

Increasing your hand size is only useful if you are going to play most of the cards in your hand. There is little advantage to having an eight card hand size if you are only playing a couple of cards and drawing two new cards each turn. Lacy rewards decks that can increase their hand size by allowing you to draw eight or nine new cards every turn. Anarchist mainstay Randall is an easy way to increase your hand size. Silent Sigil is also a great combo with Lacy as it allows you retain one card, such as that all important cheatin’ punishment, while still drawing back up to six cards.

The First People with the Eagle wardens and Spiritual Society already give you accelerated card draw. Lacy further turbo charges both these outfits, particularly with the new First Peoples core deed 

Lacy is an incredibly versatile legend who pops up anywhere and across many factions, much like the intrepid reporter himself.

Hell’s Comin’ With Me is currently available for preorder for consumers and retailers and will be shipping March 2020.

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