Black Lives Matter

In light of the atrocities committed continuously against Black lives in the world, and the continued calls for justice and reform, Pine Box Entertainment stands in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Pine Box Entertainment prides ourselves on the diversity of our workplace and the content creators we work with. That does not mean we can’t do better. And to be forthright, too many gaming spaces have not been truly welcoming to Black peoples and other people of color.

We can do better to support our community, and particularly our supporters and fellow gamers suffering from their own experiences with racism. Our company is committed to further educating ourselves on how to be the best Allies we can be. We recognize that there will likely be mistakes in our path as we struggle against systemic racism. We can only hope to learn from our mistakes to be a better company and individuals in support of others. It is not enough for us to be not-racist; we must be anti-racist.

We will continue to speak out in support of this movement and diversity. We embrace player-driven stories and gameplay, and our community always comes first. We want to make sure it’s a community where Black gamers are welcome. If you ever feel or hear that our community is failing in this regard, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want to be a company that you can have a dialogue with to make things better in this world.

Thank you to those on our team and in this community that pushed us to speak out and will always push us to be better.

Pine Box Entertainment recommends checking out this great list of Black creators you can support, noted here:

The Pine Box Entertainment Team