Design Diary – Carter Richardson

Design Diary – Carter Richardson

by Richard Carter

What sort of things are in store for the future of Doomtown? Funny you should ask. Out For Blood spoilers have begun, and included in this article is the first card that I designed, Carter Richardson, my prize card for stumbling into the winner’s circle at GenCon 2017. A variation on the personal card of mine from my Classic Doomtown days, Carter is itching to join the fray against wanted dudes, and not just in the service of the Law Dogs.

The art for this card is by fellow Marshal David Hammond, commissioned to honor another Marshal


But then what?

Well, at some point in the testing of Too Tough To Die, Emre Guzelsu, Lead Design for Doomtown, came up with the idea to have a set composed of playtester designs to follow after Out for Blood. He provided loose design goals (like “a Shootout action on Jack”) and I may have gone a little nuts. I submitted 62 cards to hit all the requested design guidelines, admittedly not all of them good. When Emre decided to move on to a new project, my prodigious submissions put me on the short list for successors to take over the reins of Doomtown.

But enough about me. What about the next set?

I cannot take credit for all the ideas that are to come, only share that credit with the rest of the playtesters. But it became my job to wrangle all the ideas, pass judgement on some, and make up new ones.

What goes in to designing a Doomtown card?

Alchemy – Science, Art, Magic, and no small measure of Luck.

After 20 years of playing this game (between both versions), I like to think that I have a good feel for how all those pieces come together. Each card in this game is whatever it is (Dude, Deed, etc.), as well as its suit and value for making poker hands. Sometimes one can balance a card by stacking it in a value with the cards that it works best with. This particularly holds true for actions and items, forcing the deck builder to choose which card effect they want most. Alternatively, placing the card on a value full of effects that are not complementary, either makes it a value splash or lacking direct synergy.

Another consideration when it comes to selecting a value for a card is competition. With the constraints of Doomtown deck design, there are only 4 cards on a value/suit that get to be in the deck. Anything new introduced needs to compete for the slot like a sports tryout or an orchestra audition. This can be obvious, “we do not yet have a Law Dog Blessed on this value”, or more nuanced, “if we put this shootout action on a 3, will it see play compared to Stakes Just Rose and Sun In Yer Eyes?” Thinking about things like this keeps all the Fear Monger Abominations from being in the same two values, and that then correlates to deck value decisions not looking like they are being spoon fed by design. As the card pool grows, the competition on values increases, and new cards might have to get interesting to earn a spot in the final 56 card set.

Some ideas come to me over the course of playing games. The game state will make me think “wouldn’t it be cool if?” – sometimes it is a combination of cards that begin to tell a story, and the card idea is the logical extension of that story. Other times I will put myself in a right proper western frame and let my mind amble about, imagine western scenes, and, to be completely honest, adopt a twang and drawl. Unfortunately I do not get to play games locally nearly as much as I would like, but I have a wealth of games lodged in my memory to draw from, and I do not fear running out of ideas any time soon.

 With this, the Pine Box team welcomes Richard Carter with open arms and looks forward to a new day in the world of Doomtown.

Twilight Approaches: Doomtown Stories in 2019

Twilight Approaches: Doomtown Stories in 2019

Doomtown players! For some time now Pine Box Entertainment has been mentioning fictions that can be influenced through our organized play events, which moving forward, will be referenced as round-ups! Since the continuation of the game, we’ve released two online fictions and the insert in “There Comes A Reckoning.” Fictions online can be found at, along with the full history of the Doomtown: Reloaded previous fictions.

There are a variety of reasons for the delay, but in short, we owe you, the players, quite a bit of fiction in the coming year leading to our grand Destination Event in Tombstone, Arizona the weekend of October 26, 2019. The following is a break down of what you can expect, starting with today’s release of “Separate Ways” by Fred Wan, the result of the PAX Unplugged 2017 Storyline Event.

Following this fiction, the following is slated for 2019:

-Too Tough to Die/Doomtown Worlds 2018: Owen Lean, Deadlands adventure writer, participated in our role-playing sessions in Manchester this past May where players helped influence the story not only through these games, but also in the Doomtown main event. While some of what happened will be reflected through flavor texts on cards in ‘Out for Blood,’ you players at home will get to know what truly happened in Tombstone in the Doomtown lore on the days leading up to October 26, 1881.

-Out for Blood: The next 56-card expansion for Doomtown following Too Tough to Die will include a fiction insert by Jeff Bailey; a prequel to the events at Worlds and an additional online fiction that reveals the aftermath of the events in Tombstone.

-Coot Jenkins Comes to Gomorra: At Gencon 2018, players involved in the Dead Man’s Hand event faced off against Stone himself, and failed to stop him from going undefeated. The dire consequences will be revealed in this flashback piece by Jason Pere.

-Showdown at the Clanton Ranch: As players voted in the early 2018 round-ups on characters they wanted featured in the climax to the Tombstone fictions, this story will coincide with an upcoming release.

The Twilight Protocol Trilogy: (

Lastly, we realized in Europe that we hadn’t really kept folks at home in the loop on the character deaths, and had a discussion with many players online on what we could do differently in the future. As a result, we will be joined by some members of the Saving Throw crew, starting at GenghisCon 42 on February 22, 2018 (

For those not familiar with WildCards, this amazing cast of actors led a successful campaign that players were able to watch via Twitch ( Some of this cast joins us once again for a session where Doomtown characters featured in ‘Out for Blood,’ including experienced versions of previous characters, will be presented in a Trilogy of role-playing sessions that you will be able to watch unfold right at home or in person at the Twilight Protocol events! The first of these sessions kick off on Friday at GenghisCon following our Prelude to Twilight Doomtown event. Players that participated in the Servitor Series and Abomination Series will see their votes affect Deadlands/Doomtown canon as these players fend off the Reckoners with Marshal Jordan Caves-Callarman weaving the heroes through this tale. Players participating in Twilight Protocol Act I: The Agency, the next day on February 23, 2019, will have a chance to influence the continuation of this story leading to Part II at Chupacabracon in May (!

We hope you are as excited as we are for the coming year and trip to historic Tombstone to conclude our events! Whether you’re a first-time player or veteran of the Weird West, we invite you to join us throughout next year’s round-ups! Stay tuned for details on organized play Part I in 2019 following GenghisCon, where organizers can apply to host events!

Invoke The Twilight Protocol: Destination Events in 2019

Invoke The Twilight Protocol: Destination Events in 2019

We’ve got lots of great plans for the Weird West partners, and we wanted to take the time at GenCon to announce what’s in store for y’all. Whether you’ve just joined us through There Comes a Reckoning’s Kickstarter or drifted into town a while back, we’ve got three special events planned for 2019. Which leads us to…

The Agency, a Denver-based secret government organization, hunts the supernatural. Nearby in Aurora, players will have the first of three opportunities to impact the Deadlands storyline. Players in this Doomtown Destination Event will vote to choose which faction will play a major part in assisting the Agency in their fight against the Reckoners. The winning player will choose a dude who will play a pivotal role in the story by joining the Agency in the fight against evil in the Weird West.

Now the Texas Rangers (counterpart to the Agency) and Agency invoke the Twilight Protocol, joining forces against the coming darkness. Players at ChupacabraCon will vote for who will join the Texas Rangers in the fight to save humanity.

At both conventions, players will have the opportunity to participate in a side event, ‘Twilight is Upon Us.’ After the Deadlands events that occurred in The Cackler, the skies seem a little darker, the vast prairies a little lonelier, and distances between burgs a little longer and more dangerous. It’s almost as if a permanent twilight has fallen…

In these variant events, players will choose between the Heroes of the Weird West, or making Evil their Choice. Choosing a side will have consequences to the story, as the wins for both sides will affect the conclusion as told in the premier act of this series.

Act III: The Twilight Legion

“Heroes from across the Weird West were recruited into a new and secret order, the Twilight Legion. They owed allegiance to no nation or flag – only to humanity’s survival.”

Doomtown World Destination Event: Tombstone, Arizona: October, 2019

October 26, 2019. On the anniversary of the infamous street fight between the Earps and the Cowboys, we will celebrate Doomtown in the very town that was Too Tough to Die. The American Legion will proudly host Doomtown players from around the world in this truly amazing destination event. Stay tuned for more plans including ventures in around Tombstone as a community, side events, and transportation and hotel deals as we prepare for a memorable journey into history. Be forewarned partners, the fate of the West is in your hands. If a player using a Servitor or joining the Fearmongers wins this event, it will have dire consequences on the future of Tombstone!

Moving Forward

Beyond events, we’re working on some amazing new ways for players to experience Doomtown at home with variations of the game and ways to make some promotional items available for those that are unable to travel to these events. We recognize that Doomtown encompasses a global community. For those on the other side of the world, Copenhagen, Denmark in August, 2020 will host that year’s World Destination Event!

Thank you all for making this game and community the best around,


David Lapp
Doomtown: Reloaded Community Manager

Community Content Contest #1 – Learn to Play Video

Community Content Contest #1 – Learn to Play Video

We’re excited to announce our first Community Content Contest! In order for Doomtown to continue growing, we are conscripting our most vocal advocates – you! We have been discussing learn to play content production and it’s become clear to us, that no-one can match your passion. That’s why we want you to put together your best learn to play video, for total greenhorns. We’ve got some sweet prizes available as well. Every participant will receive a full bleed The Ghostly Gun featuring sweet new art. There’s a  few rules:

1) You Must Be 18 or Older to Participate.

2) Keep it PG

3) Submission Deadline is July 2nd, 2018

That said we’ve compiled some resources for you that’ll allow you to participate no matter what your skill level is. Once the video is complete and uploaded to YouTube, use the submission form below to send us your entry. Don’t worry – your information is only used to mail out your promo.

What we’re looking for is a video that covers the following topics in 30 minutes or less:

1) A full day (turn) in Doomtown

2) Movement

3) Shootouts and Jobs

4)Skill Checks and Pulls

5) Win Condition

6) Building Viable Starter Posses

We’re looking for a video that puts emphasis on the territory control aspect of Doomtown while still giving a complete greenhorn the basics. We also don’t expect everyone to be an editor or industry pro. We’ve put some free resources over to the side for you. The video can be filmed or animated – it’s up to you. Get creative, but keep it family friendly and easy to understand. Once your video is ready submit it below for a chance out our rad prize pack – the Grand Prize Winner will receive the following:

1) A Messenger Bag featuring the gorgeous alternate artwork for “No Turning Back” by Charles Urbach.

2) A Set of 24 Acrylic Homes – 4 for Each Faction, including the unreleased outfits contained in Too Tough To Die! Each faction has it’s own unique color and pattern. No two outfits are the same!

3) The Ability to Name a Card (as long as Design approves it) in a future set.

Now get out there and get to creating!

This is an excellent question. For the purposes of this video, let’s stick with the original names. A new player is going to start with the Base set – and that’s what the set refers to them as. We’d also recommend only using the 4 base set factions and referring to outfits by name.

We’ll be sending out 4 copies of The Ghostly Gun to every entry.  So if you work with a team, you can spread the love.

We’re wrangling a pack together for you as you read this. We should have one very very soon!

Submit Your Video!

9 + 8 =

Entry Deadline








They Got A Fight Comin

They Got A Fight Comin

Pine Box Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are excited to announce that hot on the heels of There Comes a Reckoning fulfillment, we’ll be releasing Too Tough to Die in October of 2018.  It’ll be available for pre-order in the future through Pinnacle, so keep an eye out for more details as we get closer.

Too Tough to Die represents a significant departure from previous Doomtown releases – we’re leaving the Maze and exploring other historical and legendary Weird West locale. Tombstone, Arizona is a storied mining town full of rich stories and legendary characters. It contains 56 new cards, 4 copies of each card for a total haul of 224 cards.

Recently launched is the Gomorra Dispatch – a site that houses all current Doomtown: Reloaded fiction. Including the first of new fiction to be released under Pine Box Entertainment. Too Tough To Die’s story will be posted directly to this site, which is linked at the top of this site.

Too Tough to Die will also be the first release to feature the new Doomtown logo, which now mirrors the style of Deadlands: The Weird West.  This is more than just a surface level change – we’re tweaking the way we treat each of the factions. Each icon will now represent an archetype instead of a specific faction.

We’ll be introducing these changes to you over the next few weeks, discussing the design and flavor philosophies – as well as sharing cards. This week we introduce you to the “Outlaws”.



Previously known as The Sloane Gang Outlaws represents a much broader stroke of a classic archetype. These are the gangs, the train robbers, horse thieves, and generally shady types that roam the Weird West. They prefer to let their guns do the talking, and have no problem creating a scene or creatively using force to achieve their ends.

Representing this archetype in Too Tough to Die, is the legendary Cowboy Gang. Signified by a red sash, they ruled Tombstone through force and fear. It is at the height of these tensions that Wendy and Lucy will arrive in the silver mining town. It seems appropriate that Ike Clanton (2T2D #26) should be one of our first official reveals for the newly dubbed faction.  He features a new keyword for an existing ability.

Rowdy – Control of this deed is checked with bullets instead of influence.

Ike talks a big game, but is definitely not the best gunman that wears the sash. He’s awfully good at creating a scene and escalating conflicts past the point of civil conversation. Using his ability to give Rowdy to a deed can dramatically shift control of a vital deed.

Catch Ike Clanton and other new faces in Too Tough To Die when it hits shelves in October of 2018!