Doomtown: Reloaded’s Organized Play 2018

Doomtown: Reloaded’s Organized Play 2018

Fellow Doomtown Players,

2017 brought us the return of Doomtown: Reloaded through organized play series, convention events, and new cards in ‘There Comes A Reckoning.’ For these, we owe thanks to you, the players through your Kickstarter pledges and continued visible support for our game. Building upon last year’s successes, we’re excited to share some of our plans for 2018. We hope that you join us in our adventure as we bring in new cards and new stories, starting with our move to Death’s domain in the Arizona territory of Tombstone.

Tombstone Series

Presaging the next set, ‘Too Tough to Die,’ our Spring organised play series celebrates Doomtown’s new direction. The Tombstone Series features new promos based on both community requests and analyzing frequently used cards as posted to decklists that haven’t been made into promotional cards. Each event kit also includes a brand new alternate art joker, allowing veteran players to augment their collections while providing greenhorns with an essential card. Continuing with the traditions of previous series, players will have the opportunity directly influence the upcoming fiction. These initial results will set up the direction that will ultimately lead to the final conflict between the Earps and Cowboys. Each participant will vote on a character that will be featured in the showdown at the Clanton Ranch, as featured in the Deadlands rpg supplement, ‘Stone and a Hard Place.’

Shown to the right is a commonly used and requested drifter often found in starting posses.

In Classic Deadlands: Doomtown, Meredith Singleton defended the Orphanage by killing the Unknown Hooded Figure. Nearly 20 years later, we feature this art to commend Willa Mae McGowan’s duty to Gomorra’s children, or is she referencing a move to Tombstone? We also look forward to planning a destination event in 2019 to celebrate two decades of Doomtown.

Doomtown World Championship 2018

Our pardners across the pond have been an essential part of ensuring the continuation of Doomtown, via frequent organised play events held throughout Europe in 2017-2018 along with previous well-attended UK Championships. This year we have the opportunity to present them with the World Championship, where yours truly will be in attendance. Our pub ‘Grudge Match’ social on Friday, May 4 kicks things off, featuring the first promo in our Convention Series, an alternate art card representing the legend of Tombstone. On May 5 we will have not only Doomtown side events (featuring old and new promos) leading to the main event, but also a slew of Deadlands RPG Games, featuring existing Doomtown characters and those coming in ‘Too Tough To Die.’ As players represent these characters in their introduction to Tombstone, their actions will directly impact the Doomtown storyline and canon of Deadlands: Reloaded. The resulting conflicts between factions will play out on Sunday, May 6, in the Doomtown World Championship, where specific matchups and decisions made by players each round will continue to influence the outcome of this story. The winner of this event will work with both story and design team to create a card that represents what occurred in this amazing weekend of all things Deadlands. Not only that, the winning player’s decklist will become a deck with several alternate art cards that Doomtown players will be able to purchase in honor of this victory.

Origins 2018:
Name A Card. Pine Box Entertainment makes its Origins debut, on Saturday, June 16, at High Noon Players will compete to name a card that will be featured in an upcoming Doomtown expansion. This follows in the footsteps of the 2016 Outlaw Series that resulted in players naming several cards included in ‘There Comes A Reckoning’ as well as the GenCon Evil Is A Choice event, resulting in Doc Holliday becoming an upcoming Legend card.

GenCon 2018

Rest assured Pine Box will continue with several community events, starting on Wednesday, August 1, to coincide with the official events listed below.

Thursday, August 2 @2pm: Join us in Greenhorn Open Play as we provide new starter decks and promos to Doomtown players that want to join right in on the action without having purchased any previous cards.

Friday, August 3 @10am: Dead Man’s Hand: Doomtown: Reloaded players will join in Coot Jenkins’ search for a lost Harrowed from Gomorra. The winner of this event (top of swiss) will choose a deceased character in the Doomtown: Reloaded fiction to return from the grave! Players will use only Dudes still alive in the storyline and will be able to use a variety of Dead Man’s Hands in known history. Each round of swiss, a random table will help write the story of this encounter. See Pine Box’s website for a full list of banned characters and legal hands.

Friday, August 4 @4pm: Doomtown: Carter’s Classic: Saddle up pardners, & prepare for a return to the Gomorra of yesteryear! This year’s format is Double Barrel, which follows normal deck construction rules, but each player can only have 2 of any given card in their deck. Pine Box will have decks on hand to help players who want to learn about the game’s origins.

Saturday, August 5 @12pm: Doomtown: Reloaded North American Championship: Continuing the tradition of the Marshal event with the 2018 North American Championship. The winner of this event, following the previous years, will work with design to create a card that will appear in an upcoming release. Top 8 rounds will take place Sunday at 10am.

Our organized play will continue with another series and conventions in Fall 2018. We hope this preview of things to come have you excited as we are for Doomtown, its settings, and characters.

Mirror, Mirror – GenCon 50

Mirror, Mirror – GenCon 50

Another year of our annual Doomtown gathering at Gencon, Indianapolis is in the books. Last year I wrote an article following the Marshal event. I noted it would be the last Doomtown article I would write for the Gazette under AEG’s auspices. I hoped at the time that Doomtown: Reloaded would continue. Sure enough, Pine Box Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group will launch DT:R’s expansion There Comes A Reckoning via Kickstarter on September 5. Last year I wrote about my experience as a player, while this year I’d like to take you all behind the scenes of my role of Tournament Organizer.

Earlier this year, PBE submitted events for Doomtown, as PEG had tasked us with not only creating new product for Doomtown: Reloaded, but also with maintaining Organized Play. From previous experience, we knew that players disliked having to ‘grind in’ to play in the main event. We also wanted to do something different from the AEG’s Marshal event. This resulted in advising GenCon 50 of the changing of the guard and that PBE would like to host the 2017 World Championship for Doomtown: Reloaded. Before the championships, we gave players a chance to try out TCaR’s Servitors via the Evil Is A Choice Event with each player receiving a full-bleed version of their chosen Servitor. As the Gomorra Community Council hosted some community events last year, we wanted to keep in that tradition of bringing players together to have the option to get to know each other and flip some cardboard ‘after hours’.

Pre-planning resulted in a rather hectic Wednesday. Besides Trade Day, Alex Wirges and I ran around Indy gathering up supplies. Then we hosted our first official Meet and Greet at Kilroy’s where we set up our Servitor Challenge Booth sign. Early arriving Doomies included: Zac Seldon, our GenCon 2016 Runner-Up; Robert Campbell, our 2017 European Champion; and Scott Wisely, my Grudge Match challenge opponent. Phillip Sullivan, a local who won the Indianapolis Epitaph Event and who I had talked with about revitalizing community interest, brought his family. He and his father also attended both the Servitors and Championship events. As more Doomies poured in, Alex and I started handing out a new series of promos: Meet PBE. At GenCon, and in future events, players can receive a full-bleed promo specific to PBE team members. For myself, I have Clementine Lepp (with an A marked in the appropriate spot for a respelling), an Alexis Mirges Scoop Hound for Alex, and Arnold Stewart for meeting David Orange, who headed up our demos. Don’t worry folks, we intend to have these on us at future in person events (next being PAX: Unplugged in Philadelphia starting November 16). Scott Wisely’s Law Dogs called me out, as Scott indicated last year he’s beaten every US and UK Marshal and we never got our match in. I broke out an updated version of my old Oddities deck (, with Tyx and Valeria taking down Thunder Boy and his crew.

Following this event we went over to the Hyatt for a community gathering featuring a 5 player Bicycle game in our annual Bike Rally Event. There we enjoyed some homebrew by Joseph Mencarini, who brought us Tyxarglenak (dry cider), Welcome to Tombstone (British pub ale), and Ace in the Hole (IPA). Jevon Heath was the last to be knocked out in the event, and received a Deadlands print entitled ’A Friendly Game.’ We gave out some bottlecap token prototypes, continuing to do so throughout the convention. Based on the response, we will continue making them for future kits.

The PBE crew took Thursday off, but Jason Schulte hosted “Partners for a Day” an official Doomtown team event. Friday morning, the amazing Scott Wisely and Heidi Cook led our team in organizing an amazing first official tournament as we hosted the “Evil Is A Choice.” Heidi and Scott ran the event with British efficiency and aplomb. After the gunfire and spells had settled, James Meredith emerged victorious with Ezekiah Grimme guiding the Fourth Ring ( James thus earned the right to Name A Card of a future Legend, choosing Tombstone’s Doc Holliday!

Throughout the day we enjoyed meeting everyone that came up to our HQ table to talk about Doomtown. While our event tables were in a section further back in Hall C, our main HQ table occupied a strategic location in by a concession stand and in front of the pathway where all the convention foot traffic came through. Hundreds of people came up to us to talk about Doomtown; whether they were excited about the continuation, didn’t know that Doomtown lives on, or just wanted to thank us for continuing their beloved game. It was truly amazing to see the genuine excitement people had.

Saturday my wife Christine cosplayed Avie Cline, handing out promotional flyers for the September 5th Kickstarter, meeting even more passerbys that wanted to talk about Doomtown. Alex Wirges represented PBE at the Pinnacle Entertainment Group Seminar to inform Savage Worlds fans that Doomtown will become an integral part of the Deadlands experience and announce additional cards as stretch goals. David Orange continued with demos, while the PBE Rules Team and I headed up the main World Championship event. Richard Carter, long time player and champion in the Classic Doomtown, emerged victorious with the 108 Righteous Bandits over DeVon Green’s Desolation Row. Both decklists can be found at

We learned quite a bit being on the other side of the tables this year. Armed with that knowledge, PBE plans on hosting even more successful events. Starting with PAX Unplugged this November, we will provide decks for convention attendees that want to jump in and play. We will also videotape games to present to the community for commentary. We truly hope all the Doomies we’ve gotten to meet so far will join us, as we will also be hosting a community event November 16th to kick things off and provide an exclusive promo card for the convention.

Lastly, I want to thank each and every amazing member of this community. The positive vibe from all of you has been outmatched in all my years of playing card games. Not only were you a pleasure to run events for, you offered to bring us refreshments, engaged passerbys, and made everyone feel welcome. We could not ask for a better group of players 🙂 Last, and most certainly not least, a special shoutout to Mark Wootton, the developer responsible for bringing Doomtown Reloaded back to life for AEG, who brought us original DT:R art proofs to award as prizes.

Doomtown Reloaded in Summer 2017

Doomtown Reloaded in Summer 2017

As everyone eagerly awaits the continuation of Doomtown: Reloaded, here is a summary of this summer’s scheduled DT:R events. These  gatherings celebrate the return of our beloved game, while giving playgroups an opportunity to rebuild and expand upon existing playerbases.

Doomtown: Reloaded European Championship 2017: July 1st
Find out who will take the title of UK Marshal in Pine Box’s first official tournament. Players at both this event and GenCon can win and/or receive the following cards. The winner of this event will choose where the Doomtown story continues, as we follow the denizens of Gomorra into new environs. While Gomorra represented the Reckoner of Pestilence, the winner will make one of the following choices:
1. Dodge City (War)
2. Tombstone (Death)
3. Lost Angels (Famine)

 Doomtown Reloaded Epitaph Series: Running from July 1st to August 6th
Coinciding with the upcoming Tales From the Epitaph Kickstarter, this series can run as either single day tournaments or Leagues. The goal is to get Doomies back together once again to fight for control of Gomorra, sling lead, and participate in general camaraderie. The faction most represented in these events (you will align yourself to a faction for Leagues) will guide us into the next setting, as determined by the European Championship. Check with your Tournament Organizer regarding further details on these upcoming gatherings. Featured below are the promos associated with this event. Stay tuned for our upcoming retailer focused articles as we discuss further availability of these and other promotional items.

We have a slew of casual gatherings for you folks at this year’s celebration of GenCon 50 (A full guide can be found here) . To cap off the end of our Summer Series, we feature two competitive events as well:

Doomtown Reloaded: Evil Is A Choice Doomtown: Reloaded’s next supplement, Tales From the Epitaph, will feature a new card type: Legends. The first of these Legends are the four Servitors of Deadlands lore. Players will construct a deck that utilizes a Servitor of their choice. PBE will provide an alternate promotional version of the Servitors. Want the other three alt-art Servitors? You can receive these by attending the casual events listed above. The winner of this event will have the option to choose the name of a Legend that will appear in an upcoming release! This event will include Top of Servitor prizes as well.

Doomtown Reloaded: World Championship 2017
Doomtown Reloaded continues the tradition of the US Marshal event as PBE hosts the 2017 World Championship. The winner of this event, like previous years, will work with design to create a card that will appear in an upcoming release! This event will also feature Top of Faction and Top 8 Prizes as well.

Rest assured we will continue support in the Fall as we add even more Events for that upcoming Series, including a major storyline event at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia this November!

In closing, we present you with the Devil’s Six Gun, a fierce weapon gadget in the TfTE expansion. Enjoy!

Hellstromme’s Journal #3: Name a Card Prizes and Organized Play

Hellstromme’s Journal #3: Name a Card Prizes and Organized Play

Howdy once again pardners! I’ve returned to reminisce about past Doomtown: Reloaded events and our plans for the future of how you, the players, can continue to affect this part of the Weird West. This week I recognize past winners and their accomplishments. Along the way, I feature a spoiler from the upcoming Tales From the Epitaph release earned as a prize by one of the winners of the 2016 Outlaw Series events.

First let’s discuss Pine Box Entertainment’s overall goal with organized play support, while also addressing concerns of the casual player.

A. As a competitive Doomtown player, what can I win?
B. As a casual Doomtown player, what do organized events offer a player who hasn’t bought all the sets?

We understand that Doomtown appeals to both the casual and competitive player, and PBE continues to address both player’s concerns as we move forward in with DTR. First, we want to ensure the casual playerbase that our playtest team is currently working on deck lists that feature just the Core Set with Tales From the Epitaph, as well as expanded deck lists that include additional expansions. We intend to continue this feature, including the possiblity of stand alone decks and similar lists in future releases. We also understand that Doomtown is a complicated game to introduce, and currently have several Learn to Play videos in production! For competitive players, we want to ensure that Doomtown remains one of the games you love and enjoy to play at tournaments and organized play events. For some players it suffices to dress up and throw down with friends old and new. Others look at what shinies they can add to their collection, or further, how they can affect the game. Let’s take a look at what’s been done with past events to address this latter hankerin.’

GenCon 2014
For the initial release of DTR, two inaugral events celebrated the return of our beloved game. Jim Despaw, playing Law Dogs, managed to take down the Friday tournament. Brian Fox, piloting Morgan Cattle Company Landslide, won the Saturday event. As both players fought viciously for control over Gomorra the next day (, Mr. Fox took victory and became our first Marshal. As a result, he earned the right to work with the design team to create a character that became part of the Dirty Deeds expansion, Dr. Brian Foxworth.

GenCon 2015

Doomtown players continued to enjoy tournaments and win prizes through the Deputy and Sheriff series. The next chance to affect the DTR cards and stories came at the 2016 Gencon Marshal Event, depicted in ‘A Fight They’ll Never Forget.’ All players could affect the story, as each round players voted on which of Gomorra’s finest would perish in the fight, allowing all participants to have an impact on the story. Meanwhile, David Hammond and Nick Glazer played off in a Fourth Ring ‘mirror match’ finals. David earned the victory, and not only got to design a card as well, but illustrated the art featured on the card! While some pesky gremlins got into the Blood Moon Rising printers, PBE will release the errata version of Dave “Slim” Gorman as one of the promotional cards in the 2017 Epitaph Series tournaments. Remember folks, applications for these events are up until May 31. With the Epitaph Series, PBE will track the outfits players use in these events, the most represented faction playing the most integral part in the DTR story canon within the greater Deadlands universe.

Outlaw Series 2016

After the 2015 Sheriff Season, the Gomorra Community Council hosted the Outlaw events, with winners getting to name a card that would be featured in a future expansion. Those cards did not immediately come to light as DTR temporarily rode off into the sunset. PBE, however, will ensure these cards make it into TftE and upcoming sets. You may have already seen the previously spoiled Cavalry Escort card. Today we feature ‘The Winning Agenda,’ named by Brenton Shaw, who won the Grand Master Jackalope event in Australia with the 108 faction. The following is the full list of winners, as we would like to recognize their accomplishments and look forward to seeing their cards as well.

The Wendigo Championship: AJ Valle, Morgan Cattle Company
Card: “Adrián Valle”

 Eerie East Championship: Joshua Jonas, 108 Worldly Desires
Card: “Cavalry Escort”

 Texas Rangers Championship & Pinkerton Championship: Chris Pottorf, Den of Thieves & Eagle Wardens

Card: “Forsaken Hound”

 The Queen’s Call Out: Adam Whitehouse, Morgan Gadgetorium

Card: “Taff’s Distillery”

 Great Maze Championship: Kevin Rosenbaum, Fourth Ring

Card: “Rosenbaum’s Golem”

 The Great Rail Wars Championship: Chris Poulopoulos, 108 Wordly Desires


What do you have planned for Gencon 2017?

You may have noticed a new card type in the rulebook and Pinnancle Entertainment Group announcements: Legend as Tales From the Epitaph will feature the four Servitors from Deadlands as Legends in DTR. we will give the winner of our first Gencon event  the opportunity to name a Legend for inclusion in an upcoming release! Also in keeping with the tradition of the Marshal events, this year’s World Championship winner gets to design a card with PBE! And for casual players, our nightly community events will give attendees a chance to earn one of the full bleed Servitor cards being provided at the “Evil is A Choice” event.

For those across the pond, keep an eye out for updates on the July 1st 2017 European Championship, in which the winner will also have a chance to affect the Deadlands storyline!

It’s an exciting time to return to Gomorra as we plan more organized play series towards the end of the year. After all folks, you didn’t think we forgot about releasing a well deserved playmat for Sloane gang did you? Make sure to keep a look out for those tournaments and we hope to see you there!

Hellstromme’s Journal #3: Name a Card Prizes and Organized Play

Hellstromme’s Journal #2: The Pine Box Rules Team

Last week’s feature on the origins of Pine Box introduced our hard-working playtest team. This time, I’d like to recognize my compadres in upholding the law of Gomorra, the stalwarts of the Rules Team. These folks work behind the scenes verifying that wording on the cards for our upcoming set, Tales From the Epitaph, are printed with design intent in mind and reflect the card as it was tested. While Pine Box finishes up Tales from the Epitaph, we also have the responsibility of maintenance of the overall Doomtown: Reloaded legacy. Peacekeeping these days involves responding to community rules questions, and updating DT:R tournament floor rules and FAQs.

How did the Rules Team come about?

We initially approached three individuals (Scott Wisely, Landon Sommer, and Alan Sarkisian), who are part of their respective playtest teams. All three have previous experience running tournaments and serving as a Head Judge at major events. This team has DT:R experience, but also provided a fresh set of eyes on rules moving forward as we advance Gomorra into the world of greater Deadlands. These folks reviewed and approved the most recent changes that Pine Box submitted along with the first draft of TftE and now housed at Pine Box’s website and forums.

How does Rules Team go about addressing player’s questions?

Our team actively monitors the Rules Questions and General forums on Pine Box Entertainment site as well as the Doomtown Facebook group. A member will respond to basic questions, but sometimes the team will need to huddle behind the scenes. In addition to advanced rulings or complex/unforeseen interactions, players bring up issues that the original rulebook did not clearly define. After internal discussion that often includes other members of the Playtest teams, the Rules Team arrives at and posts the agreed upon consensus ruling. Often you will see a response on the forums from a member of Pine Box or the Rules Team noting that the rules team is discussing the issue. We want you, the player base, to know we’re addressing the issue. This most recently came up with a question about Jack O’Hara and Full Moon Brotherhood: if Jack loses his trait via the Brotherhood ability while having 2 weapons attached, what happens? In consulting with members of the previous Rules Team under AEG, we found that this was something they wanted to address, but weren’t able to after AEG had discontinued DT:R. The Rules Team not only discussed and answered this question (see forum post), but also further adjusted the comprehensive rulebook.

What were the major changes to the Floor Rules and Errata?

You may have noticed we issued three new errata at the launch of Pine Box Entertainment, starting with The Undertaker. Not only does Rules Team have to keep an eye out for potential issues with upcoming cards, but also how they interact with previously released cards. While there were fun combos that involved acing dudes from hand for Ghost Rock via the Gomorra Parish, Eagle Wardens outfit ability, Buried Treasure, etc., the Playtest Team found possible ways to abuse this with upcoming card. Rules Team thus made the change specifying that the Undertaker only receives money from dudes in play. Next up was the Auto-Revolver. Savvy players caught on that the trait from this item had a global affect that worked even when the revolver was not actually in a fight. The Rules Team believed this item should have the Weapon trait, only functioning in shootouts where actually present, bringing it in check with other weapons in the game. The last major change was to poor Rico Rodegain, who was dropped to zero influence. Rico’s amazing ability to scout opponent’s opening hands made him an auto-include in many decks. Zero influence helped nerf strong blitz decks that used knowledge of an opponents’ opening hand to initiate ‘all in’ tactics, particularly with Barton Everest and knowing the opponent lacked cheatin’ punishment. Leaving Rico with the ability still allows you to adapt, but with the penalty of losing some influence that your opponent could potentially capitalize on.

Changes to the floor rules included increasing the round time limit and revising the points gained for matches going to time. As with any ruling, the Rules Team and Pine Box will actively monitor upcoming tournaments to make appropriate changes that enhance the organized play experience for all Doomies. The change to 55 minute rounds allows more time for games to finish without resorting to tie breakers. In the recent Edinburgh Sheriff event, only one match went to time, and the feedback we received was that those few extra minutes helped some games not resulting in a tie. Awarding less points to timed wins penalizes decks that often purposefully go to time, such as the Morgan Turret deck, or ones focused on building up Influence to draw out the game. As with any game, stalling can be a concern, and we will do everything we can to minimize that negative experience for tournament players. Our team is currently working on an article for Player Judges and Tournament Organizers with a strong focus on this particular issue.

What is the Rules Team currently working on?

The Rules Team anxiously awaits the upcoming European Championship and Epitaph events. They will monitor these events and consider adjustments to the Floor Rules based on community feedback and personal observations. Rules Team also coordinates with the Playtest Teams on possible errata that address issues we’ve seen with some of the more powerful cards at tournament events. One example is the 108 Worldly Desires outfit ability. We’ve gotten a lot of community feedback and are working on the best way to adjust any potential change to this card. Instead of simply ‘issuing errata’, post-TftE handoff, Pine Box intends to coordinate Rules and Playtest to actually test cards in real decks/games under their proposed revised wording.

Thanks again for listening cowfolk, and keep a lookout for more upcoming Tales From the Epitaph previews.