Play for Blood – Outlaw Grifters in Welcome to Deadwood

Play for Blood – Outlaw Grifters in Welcome to Deadwood

by David Lapp

In 2019, Pine Box Entertainment revived the Doomtown Badge Events. This included the Marshal round-ups at major conventions as a carryover from the AEG era of the game. PBE also introduced three new events: The Agent, Ranger, and finally Marshal of Tombstone for the major destination event in Tombstone itself. To coincide with these events, the cast of Saving Throw WildCards portrayed Doomtown characters in a three-part act known as the Twilight Protocol Trilogy (Act I linked). To thank the cast for their contributions to providing live fiction for the Weird West world of Doomtown set in 1882, Pine Box wanted to honor the cast’s characters from the original WildCards 5-season series on Twitch, by inserting them into the Doomtown game itself. This started in the expansion, ‘Hell’s Comin’ With Me,’ with the debut of Gabriel Prior. We even honored the Marshal himself with the Marshal Caves Callarman card. That left us with four remaining cast members, the next of which appears in ‘Welcome to Deadwood.’



Rosaleen Saorise Byrne is a character appearing in Wildcards videos set in Deadlands. Created by Meghan Caves, Byrne is the posse’s huckster with an intense loyalty to Gabriel Prior. She made her first appearance in Episode 0 – Character Creation. You can engage with the cast of WildCards and their fans on their Discord channel. Rosaleen was first spoiled during Meghan’s Savage Mysterium game here.

As the fifth grifter to be featured in our playtest articles, Rosaleen follows the trend thus far of card cycling/fetching. Arthur Dingler provides a peak into upcoming cards for a mulligan and Entrepreneur twist to lowball. Yasmin Tian allows a discard and draw while providing dual options for a Blessed/Kung Fu starting gang member. Sifting Squirrel provides the potential for additional cards with Shaman/Kung Fu First Peoples players, and Dr. JT Goodenough lets you start the game with a gadget in play. Rosaleen Byrne assists to help provide a more ideal starting hand by simply discarding and drawing exactly two cards. Providing one influence and the Huckster keyword, she can help cycle to a starting hex, cheatin’ resolution, deed, or whatever tool you seek at the time.

The first deck type that Rosaleen supports is any starting gang for Den of Thieves. The errata on Rico Rodegain hurt the original starting gang for this deck with the loss of influence. With Rosaleen, you have the chance to create an even better starting hand, have a solid second Grifter for use with your Outfit ability, and increase your starting influence. The decks ‘Jordan Caldwell’ and I played in the finals of GenCon 2016 can both be updated with Rosaleen. Here you’ll find an example of updating this playstyle to switch from a blitz to a swarm deck. Milt (or Fred Aims if you suspect landslide), Makeio, and Rosaleen (replacing Pete in the link) are your locked in starting dudes. Jake Smiley and Travis Moone swap out for Allie Hensman, Willa Mae, or Virginia depending on what you feel is best for your matchup. You can even bring in Barton Everest if you want to blitz.

Rosaleen is equally great in the ‘Sluckster’ style deck, replacing or adding to the general starting gang that includes Maria Kingsford and/or Antheia Pansofia just for the starting influence Huckster. Try her in this build from the Name-A-Card Online Event instead of Maria or this one from Origins 2019.



At the time this article was initially written, I had mistakenly posted the linked list noting that Rosaleen replaced Gina, having thought she was value 3. Upon further review of the deck, I’d like to provide you with spoilers that include a couple of the heavy hitting actions in ‘Welcome to Deadwood,’ along with a new experienced dude. 



Honoring Name-A-Card prizes awarded at PAX Unplugged, both Bad Beat and Play for Blood have their names derived from that round-up in 2018. Play for Blood is guaranteed to make an environment changing splash with the ability to increase your hand rank on ties. Alternatively, you can use the Noon action instead, should you not expect an upcoming Shootout or are trying to dig for a specific card. Bad Beat provides players with a second cheatin’ resolution on value 7 with a Bottom Dealin’ feel to it. With Bad Beat causing a player to replace their hand with the top 5 of their own deck, this allows you to not have to run a looser draw structure you generally find from running Bottom Dealin’. The ability to steal ghost rock if they’re still cheatin,’ makes this card appealing to play in lowball as well.



In the above referenced Twilight Protocol Events, players and the Badge winners helped influence both the Doomtown storyline and upcoming cards. As a result of the Ranger Badge event, Willa Mae MacGowan joined the Ranks of the Texas Rangers. The Experienced version of this card allows you to save a dude that had been targeted by Pinned Down or Black Owl. Additionally, Willa Mae can save a dude in her posse and end a shootout if that was your only other dude.

The following updates the linked Den of Thieves list with the additional cards to try out:

Den of Thieves
Dude (19)
1x Jake Smiley*
1x Rosaleen Byrne*
1x Travis Moone*
1x Makaio Kaleo, Esq.*
1x Milt Clemons*
1x Allie Hensman
1x Fred Aims
1x Buford Hurley
1x Funtime Freddy
1x Genesee “Gina” Tailfeathers
1x Lawrence Blackwood
1x Ol’ Howard
1x Black Owl
1x Marion Seville
1x Barton Everest
1x Virginia Ann Earp
1x Willa Mae MacGowan (Exp.1)
1x Travis Moone (Exp.1)
1x Antoine Peterson

Deed (10)
1x The Orphanage
1x Notary Public
1x Yan Li’s Tailoring
1x Hustings
1x Clanton Ranch
1x B & B Attorneys
1x Town Council
1x Gateway Station
1x Ike’s Place
1x Hunter Protections

Goods (10)
2x Bowie Knife
2x Shotgun
4x Tusk
2x LeMat Revolver

Action (13)
2x The Stakes Just Rose
2x Sun in Yer Eyes
3x Coachwhip!
1x Play for Blood
3x Kidnappin’
1x Bad Beat
1x Ricochet


Whatever style of Outlaw deck you prefer, Rosaleen is sure to find her way into many Outlaw deck builds in a post Welcome to Deadwood environment.

You can pre-order Welcome to Deadwood, shipping in November, through your FLGS or directly from Pine Box Entertainment here.

Tombstone Destination Event: Player Report

Tombstone Destination Event: Player Report

by Aaron “Dr. Cthulhu” Schnabel

The fading sunlight stretched across empty Arizona sky. Shadows settled down over the town of Tombstone and the residents of the Town Too Tough to Die were all tucked safely away in their homes or watering holes, as unbeknownst to them, momentous events were poised to unfold.

Shadowy drifters began slipping into town in twos and threes, until gathered at the Lookout Lodge and other locations around town, was a veritable gaggle of grifters, hucksters and ne’er do wells of all stripes.

Thus the 2019 World Destination Event for Doomtown began!

My biggest takeaway from this tournament and the memories I’ll hold onto after the others fade are the ones about the community members and friends I made during this trip, not the games I lost (there were a lot of these), the games I won (there were a few of these) or the prizes I won (I didn’t win any, but I did receive a ton of cool promos).

From the beginning, Pine Box went out of their way to make this event as welcoming as possible. From helping to book rooms, to offering to pick people up from the airport in Tucson, Pine Box went above and beyond to make sure that those who wanted to, would be able to make it to Tombstone.

I’ve never attended a major Doomtown tournament like this, and I don’t actually get to play that often due to a busy family schedule. So it was with a fair amount of trepidation and nerves that I began my journey to Tombstone. I’m a member of the Doomtown Discord server, so I’ve had online interactions with a good number of those attending the event, but I didn’t know really know anyone.

From the start, this community proved how special it is. Joe James (Prodigy) and his wife graciously gave me a lift into town from the airport so that Lapp wouldn’t have to drive back out to Tucson to get me. I split a room with Thunderforge (Will Herrmann) at the Lookout Lodge. I walked into and all over town with various members of the posse, and at each step of the way, I found people who were just as excited as I was to share this experience and have fun in a town that couldn’t have been cooler for our event.

Wednesday was a long day of travel, so by the time we rolled into Tombstone I was ready to crash. Of course I had to be careful to try to get to bed without waking my roommate, who was already asleep. The next morning I officially met Will, and then we headed down to breakfast. I was nervous, since I knew that most of the attendees already knew each other, but as soon as I settled down at the breakfast table, I was welcomed into the group and included in the conversation. Seeing the way that everyone interacted and talked with each other, it was very much like being around extended family, and somehow I was welcomed in along with everyone else.

Thursday was a beautiful and bright day and after breakfast was over, Jordan Caldwell (Zach Seldon), Doomdog, and I took the half mile trek into town. Pro tip: if you’re walking through the scrub of Arizona, I suggest shoes with tougher soles than my Nikes. I got a thorn straight through the sole, into my foot. I had to stop and take off my shoe, and push the thorn through the sole and pull it out from the inside. Next time I’m wearing boots.

We wandered through town before heading over to the 4 Deuces Saloon for the Theme Deck event. The event was slated to start at 11, but we arrived around 10:30 and it was apparent that we were in a tough town because there was already a group of local bikers sitting on the porch drinking and it seemed like they’d been there for a few hours already. The theme event was a fun way to get to meet a bunch of cool gunslingers and see what kind of whacky decks they could come up with. You can see my entry, A Rough Night on the Town here.

After the theme event was over, we wandered over to the Crystal Palace Saloon for dinner. During dinner we were treated to a sneak preview of the Crystal Palace card.

After dinner we all rolled over to the Oriental Saloon and played some casual Doomtown until late in the evening.

Friday was a busy day, and while I won’t recount it all, I will touch on a few highlights. We got to enjoy watching the shootout at the OK Corral, and the Tombstone HistoRama. We toured the Courthouse museum and got to see the original art piece that is featured on the promo version of Murdered in Tombstone that we received. By the way, if you ever find yourself in Tombstone, Puny Joe’s Barbecue is highly recommended.

After we finished our day of tourism, most of the crew headed out to Johnny Ringo’s for the Thieves Callout event, but I was lucky enough to get to head over to the American Legion to play in a game of Deadlands run by Shane Lacy Hensley himself. Our posse faced wild piranha pigs, snipers in the distance, and wily old prospectors before facing down a giant Hell Boar and some of the Whatley’s themselves!

We had a ball, and Shane was an amazing GM. If you ever have the opportunity to participate in a game he’s running, I suggest you take advantage of it.

After we managed to defeat the Hell Boar (without anyone in the posse dying to boot!) I retired back to the Lodge to get some rest before the main event.

Saturday dawned bright and clear and once again, after breakfast we headed into town. We gathered at the American Legion and got registered before settling down to sling some lead. Because I hadn’t had much chance to practice before the event, I had low expectations. I hoped to win at least 2 games… and I got halfway there. Even though I bombed pretty hard, I still had a wonderful time playing Doomtown and facing off against new friends. After the event , I went to dinner with David Hogg Joe James, Dan Agnew, their spouses and we had a wonderful couple of hours just chatting, getting to know one another and relaxing before heading back for the Twilight is Upon event. I played the same deck that I had for the main event, but I fared better this time around. I went 2-1 and felt a little redeemed.

Then we all wandered back over to the Oriental Saloon where I got to spend time with Shane Hensley and Jodi Black, just chatting about all kinds of stuff (and learning a few juicy details for the upcoming new edition of Deadlands!)

I still can’t believe that I got to chill with Shane… my inner fanboy was squealing with delight. I can’t thank Pine Box enough for providing the opportunity that allowed me to get to hang out with the guy who created one of my favorite fictional worlds ever.

Sunday was the Top 8 showdown, but since I wasn’t anywhere near the Top 8, I played in the Fear Level side event. I went 3-0 in the Swiss pairings and faced off against Joe James for the coveted Peacekeeper playmat. He was playing a tuned and tweaked version of the deck I had played in the main event (which I had stolen from him off and I was playing a Morgan Stables gadget deck. His early aggression and my inability to get any money or find my Force Field meant that he quickly destroyed me. It was a lot of fun to face him though, and I learned a lot from our game.

With that, the official events were finished. That didn’t stop us though, as many of us stuck around and started playing casual Doomtown through the rest of the day, even into the night back at the Lookout.

Monday dawned and we gathered one final time for breakfast. The Pine Box coach pulled out of town and we were a muted group as we wended our way back to Tucson.

We made it through security and most of us ended up in Terminal B (sorry Will and Dave Winner) so we were able to spend a few more hours chatting and some even got a few games in before we dispersed to our various flights.

I can’t really express how fantastic this whole experience was. Playing Doomtown is fun, and the fact that I got to play it for four days straight is awesome. But the highlight is really the people I met and spent time with, and I will carry those experiences around for the rest of my life. I can’t wait until the next time I’ll get to gather with these crazy gunslingers and live in the world of Doomtown with them for a little while again.

If you’ve never been to a big Doomtown event, I really hope that you make the time to do so soon. I have a deeper love and appreciation of this game now than I ever had before, and I made friends that I cannot wait to see again. I won’t be in Copenhagen next year, but I suspect that if you make it, you’ll find me slinging some lead in Dodge City in 2021…

Hope to see you on the trail soon, pardner!



Tombstone Destination Event: Player Report

Tombstone Wrap-Up and Results

Fresh back from Tombstone, Pine Box Entertainment looks back on each day of events in “The Town Too Tough to Die!”

Wednesday: A Coach Comes to Town: First to arrive was the Berkeley, CA playgroup, who had the largest showing from any area and had the most members in Top 8! Outings were had to the Wyatt Earp Oriental Saloon, Tombstone Brewery, and Big Nose Kate’s while waiting for others to arrive into town.

Thursday: Design an Auction, Pine Box Meet & Greet Dinner, Multi-Player Round-Up: Players competed on the outside patio of the Four Deuces Saloon to see who will work with Lead Designer Richard Carter on a new Auction card! Zachary Seldon took top of Swiss, earning the new Peacekeeper playmat!

Following the games, everyone joined together for dinner at the Crystal Palace Saloon, a card featured in the next expansion, Hell’s Comin With Me! At that time players did short presentations about their deck, and David Winner was voted “Best Theme Deck,” titled Dora the Explorer, earning him an engraved Doomtown gavel and the card prize!

That evening players joined actors at The Oriental Saloon, as featured from the Kickstarter, There Comes A Reckoning, where Pine Box gave demos to the actors, filming began on the Doomtown documentary, and players engaged in multiplayer games including the use of a poker table from the venue shows!

Friday: Touring “The Town Too Tough to Die” & O’s Call Out: Players and their families toured the town stopping at the OK Corral & Historama, Tombstone Epitaph, Bird Cage Theater, Courthouse Historic State Park, and Boot Hill!

After a group dinner at the Longhorn Restaurant, several players attended a Deadlands game with Shane Hensley himself while others headed out to Johnny Ringo’s for David Orange’s Thieves Call Out event. Players challenged others to gain bounty for notoriety! Lee Patrick Fair was our top bounty followed by Tomas Ramirez as top Outlaw and Will Herrmann as top Law Dog!

Saturday: A Fight They’ll Never Forget: On the 138th anniversary of the street fight behind the OK Corral players gathered for the main event, receiving a special participation prize of a Tombstone-themed bicycle deck, along with promos of art provided from the city of Tombstone for a card titled “Murdered in Tombstone,” as well as special Pedro and Twilight Legion cards! Players competed and voted based on the current fiction on Gomorra Dispatch on who would survive the fight at the Clanton Ranch.

While the sides of the Law Dogs (17 players) and Bayou Vermillion (12 players) fought in this epic showdown, the law succeeded in eliminating Ike Clanton, Johnny Ringo, and Curly Bill from the fight, but little did they know, following the plot from Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place, the Deadly Drifter himself arrived to take out Wyatt, Virgil, and Doc, as Wendy stared in horror, noticing Lucy was still wearing her badge….

Not only this, but the Cackler himself made it through to Top 8 the next day! Players wondered nervously what would happen if the side of the law or evil would take hold of Tombstone.

Wildcards Twilight Protocol Act III: The Twilight Legion and Twilight is Upon Us: Following a long break into town, players enjoyed a live performance from Saving Throw’s Wildcards, continuing the fiction they began at GenghisCon and Chupacabracon, for Act III, the finale of the series! This will be available online, as the other two acts are, for players to view. During the event, players engaged in the Twilight is Upon Us side event, where Lee Patrick Fair won top of Swiss and tallying up the previous convention events, the side of the Heroes (vs. Reckoners) were up by 1 point, solidifying that the town of Tombstone will receive a relic for the side of the heroes to help against evil.

Sunday: The Duel: In an epic finale, The Cackler (represented by David Hogg), faced against the Law Dogs (represented by Lee Patrick Fair), in a Full Moon Brotherhood v. Law Dogs matchup for the fate of Lucy, who was even in Lee’s starting posse! In the end, Hogg was successful and is our Marshal of Tombstone!

This means in the upcoming fiction by Jeff Bailey, the fate of Lucy will be told, and this will have ramifications on the world of Deadlands itself, as David Hogg will collect data from all that happened in Tombstone and present it to Pinnacle Entertainment Group for use in the upcoming Deadlands supplements!

In the side event during Top 8, a Fear Level Variant event, Joe James took top of Swiss, also earning a new Peacekeeper mat! The action continued as players played Doomtown well into the night followed by another community dinner.

Stay tuned for the epilogue to this fiction after the PAX Unplugged event: Somethin’ About Some Bullets, as we find out how Wendy will respond. Going into 2020, Owen Lean will bring us updated fiction as we follow Jonah Essex to the town of Deadwood!

Pine Box Entertainment thanks Saving Throw, Pinnacle Entertainment, and all the players who joined us for this amazing destination event! Our 2020 Destination Event will be in Copenhagen with the Deadlands: Dark Ages theme!