The Savage Lands Series

Pine Box Entertainment is proud to announce our next set of round-ups, designed to celebrate the upcoming Kickstarters for the relaunch of the entire Deadlands line! Each promo is themed to a different Deadlands setting as we anticipate the upcoming addition, Deadlands: Dark Ages!

For this Series, we’re doing things a little different pardners. Rather than having your players vote on the upcoming story, we’re letting their decks themselves influence the fiction! Each player will have the opportunity to submit their decklist to and the Pine Box team, complete with any narrative they which to include involving the deck, matchups, or anything else that happened during the round-up. These entries will be used for upcoming fictions on the Gomorra Dispatch, growing the tales of the Weird West beyond Gomorra.

Outgunned playmat w/art by Brent Chumley

24x Tusk (Lost Colony themed full bleed)
24x Maza Gang Hideout (Hell on Earth theme)
24x Tonton Macoute (Deadlands Noire: The Big Easy variant)
24x Flight of the Lepus (Original Deadlands Role-Playing Player’s Guide promo)

Wooden NIckel: Deadlands Infinity / Used Ability Designation tokens

Let your FLGS know and encourage them to contact Pinnacle and Studio 2 to stock Hell’s Comin With Me and all other Doomtown products!

If you’re having difficulty obtaining Hell’s Comin’ With Me, let us know and we can arrange to have copies shipped with your kit! This will be an option at the checkout portal once it has opened to pay for shipping.


Events Will Run March 22, 2020 – June 22, 2020


The final round-up will be at Origins Game Fair, kicking off the convention season with a Name A Card prize for the victor!

While we will keep applications open while supplies last, please submit your application by February 17 to reserve your spot on the round-up calendar.

With your application, please use the button below to send $30 via PayPal to reserve your kit. When applications close, you will have the option to add additional items to your order for extra Doomtown goodies, including top of faction goodies!

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