Greetings Doomtown round-up organizer! Whether you’re looking to start a new posse and bring in some Greenhorns to the great Weird West, or gathering some Veterans together for one of our seasonal events, the documents here provided by Portland player Aaron Schnabel should help you on your way! 

Included are the following resources:

Doomtown Deck List: While lists aren’t required at events, posting the lists on is a great way to help all players see what new things folks have come up with for the game and creates discussion on the various decktypes available.

Doomtown Event Registration: When hosting a round-up, fill this out and send it in to Pine Box so that even if it’s not part of the regular organized play season, they can add it on the round-up calendar!

Game Info Card: This is a document Pine Box is looking to print up as official Joker promos. For now, you can use them as Print and Play for new players to advise them of where to look for all things Doomtown!

Learn to Play Flyer: For use at your local game shop or venue for posting and advertising.

New Player Card Display: Instructions for completing a display that holds the Game Info Card or other promos!

Player Reference Card to Print at Home: A tool for new players that references the difference phases of the game and hand ranks.

We hope you find these tools useful for helping navigate folks around Doomtown!

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