Pine Box Entertainment formed in 2016 with the goal of keeping Doomtown in the hands of their dedicated players. We first took on the role of developers, but not publishers, to continue creating content for Doomtown. Since then, Pine Box has taken on the added role of a publisher that continues to license Doomtown. As such, we now have the responsibility and opportunity to make the game available to players worldwide.

During the GAMA trade show of 2020, we learned from industry professionals and obtained the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to finally implement a worldwide distribution system. Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, we were able to make a new edition of Doomtown. During this time, we also created an overseas warehousing and distribution opportunity for Doomtown as well as our future line of products, including 7th Sea: City of Five Sails.

Our partners at Studio 2 have been amazing in helping us continue to distribute Doomtown and we thank our newest partner, Spiral Galaxy, for providing a home to the Pine Box UK General Store. We celebrate Spiral Galaxy’s launch with pre-orders for the Doomtown expansion, ‘Debt of Blood,’ available from both warehouses. All orders will come with a variant art promotional card of Christine Perfect, our first dual faction character in Doomtown: Weird West Edition.

For gunslingers new and old, we welcome you all to Deadwood and our continuing exploration into all that the Weird West and the world of Deadlands has to offer. Stay tuned for details on organized play continuing this fall after convention season. You can attend Badge events as well at UK Game Expo, Gen Con, Gamehole Con, and PAX Unplugged.

Debt of Blood is now available for pre-order. All pre-orders will include a copy of a promotional card version of Christine Perfect in werewolf form (one per product pre-ordered).

Click here to order Debt of Blood with the US Store

Click here to order Debt of Blood with UK/EU Store