Welcome to the land of Bukana. These islands are inspired by the rich cultures of pre-colonial Philippines & Indonesia. Meaning “gateway,” Bukana is a prosperous, magical archipelago. It is the commercial hub of our blossoming world where a visitor can see travelers inspired by cultures throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and even Meso- and South America.
We have teamed up with Karl Gaverza of phspirits.com to make a truly unique gaming product. Karl is a Filipino linguist, author, GM, and mythologist. Through his work preserving indigenous languages in the islands, Karl also interviews the many ethnolinguistic groups he encounters in order to catalog the creatures, spirits, and deities they believe in. That means the Bukana Bestiary can bring to you species that you just won’t see anywhere else. Of course, we have the more well-known critters – aswangs, sigbins, and tikbalangs are all here too.

Karl’s deep cuts aren’t the only ways that we’re bringing you a one-of-a-kind monster book, though. As long-time GMs, he and I wanted to provide a lot more information for each creature than is typically given in most 5e products. Those concise entries are certainly good for ease of use, and if that’s all you need, that’s all in the Bukana Bestiary too. However, we expanded each and every monster entry into at least a 2-page spread. The additional information is formatted into a block design for quick reference so that it doesn’t bog down the nuts-and-bolts info you need to find in the heat of combat. That added space allows us to draw on my ecological and biological expertise to let you know about each entity’s place in its world, what it eats, how it lairs, etc. We provide sections on creating encounters with the creatures and how it behaves both in combat and otherwise. 

Welcome to WakeSong, a magical land of daring adventures, terrifying beasts and, of course, heroes. The beauty of humanity can be found here in all of its wonderful diverseness, this is not Earth. It is, however, a world pulled from the collective sphere of our mythologies, folklore, and imaginations. A place where heroes that look like everyone struggle against ancient monsters, nightmarish horrors, and those who seek to bend the world to their will. You may not be used to a fantasy adventure setting that looks like WakeSong, but you will be.