Ahoy! We have received word from the manufacturer that mass production is due to be complete and ready for shipping to our warehouses estimated June 15-20. The kickstarter exclusive Bloodstone tokens are due to arrive at Level Up by June 15 as well, so we are setting that as the final date for the Pledge Manager with expected fulfillment end of July (if all goes according to our plan!).

What does that mean?

All backers, to receive their rewards, must check out in the Pledge Manager system by the end of June 15 (edt).

The system will close on June 16 and additional preorders will be accepted on the Pine Box General Store. We understand that there are circumstances in which some backers do not complete their order. If this is the case, we will make accommodations for these backers to log back in the system the week of August 7. A reminder will be sent out today.

Want to back, but haven’t yet?

Click here to access our pledge manager and join a world of musketeers, buccaneers, and privateers in the City of Five Sails!

We have a lot planned for our first major 7SFS Festival (world championship) at this year’s Gen Con! Head over to the PBE Forums and see the full schedule.

PBE has submitted for an additional RPG event hosted by the 7SFS Creative Director (Carmel Rechnitzer) and additional demo slots as all previously posted have already sold out! Tickets are still available for the World Championship event and the ‘For the Family’ multiplayer Salon. We encourage everyone to dress up and participate in cosplay with our community and staff. Remember that special awards await those in costume!

Additional organized play plans for stores and organizers will continue into our first Fall season of Salons.