Today, we are going to reveal the second act in Gen Con 2023’s living story, An Eye for an Eye. If you haven’t read our article about the living story and Act One: Kaspar’s Occupation, you can get all the details here

Act Two: Pursue the Eye will see participating players scramble to obtain the syrneth artifact that served as catalyst for Five Sails’ state of chaos and turmoil. The eye has now passed hands more than once, but which faction is able to plunder it by the end of Gen Con will be influenced by the results of the fourth round of the very first world championship.

The Crystal Eye has found its way to the Grand Bazaar, and it is now anyone’s for the taking!

A powerful Syrneth artifact, the eye allows its holder to see visions on the future. Its full capabilities and limitations are still unknown, but whoever holds this powerful and mysterious relic can sway and influence the City of Five Sails in a direction most advantageous to their faction.

This card’s event side has the same passive ability from that of Act One, stating that it cannot be discarded, so it will not be removed from the city at the end of a day like an event typically would be.  Instead, this event will be in play for the entire game.

The Crystal Eye will be placed at the Bazaar during setup, and should it ever enter the discard pile, it will find its ways to the Bazaar at the start of the next day. So, if your opponent’s character snags the eye before you can, don’t be afraid to send them to The Locker so you can claim it for yourself the next day!

Because the Crystal Eye allows you to look at the opponent’s approach deck when it is first equipped, and because the Crystal Eye has the potential to be equipped multiple times across several days, the eye’s abilities can only be used once per day, per player. 

If the game ends while your character has the Crystal Eye in their possession, you’ll report that your faction obtained the Crystal Eye. Our tournament team will collect these results, which will then have a direct influence over the events of the post-Gen Con story evolution.

In the next weeks leading up to Gen Con, visit us here to see the reveal of the final act so you can plan for what’s to come!