The wait is over! This final chapter of the “With Good Intentions” pre-release storyline will reflect many of the story decisions and events at Gen Con 2023. If you want to know the details regarding how the community shaped the ongoing narrative in Five Sails, take a look at our Gen Con 2023 Championship Results update from earlier this week.

The Five Sails Creative Director, Carmel Rechnitzer, has had full boat loads of fun telling this story with our community. The Pine Box team is excited to see what you all choose to happen in the next storyline.

We’ve known since this storyline began that Francois Dufort, the fifth musketeer, was doomed to die. The Vodacce victory by Jake Laird at Gen Con 2023 has awarded them esteemed privilege of being the faction that murders Dufort. Nick Pruitt’s unique Vodacce deck that he used to reach the top 8 inspired which Vodacce character that would claim the kill for themselves.

An epilogue story, resolving other storyline effects from Gen Con 2023, is on the horizon!


You can read Chapter Ten: ...And One for All and our previous fiction on our Chanteys page.