by jayjester

Jesters Industries LLC is here to bring you the latest development in techniques.  A card sure to astound and confound your friends and opponents.  With a Mind Of Quicksilver you’ll never be stuck.

Mind of Quicksilver is a slightly altered Weird West MRP of Focusing Chi.  Part of the redesign for this card was to improve game pacing.  Focusing Chi’s feat triggering on a Technique pull, along with the React ability on 108 Drunken Masters, the effect of the Kung Fu card itself, combo chaining other Techniques… it all got to be a bit much.  The new Mind of Quicksilver still improves a Kung Fu deck’s chances of succeeding pulls, unbooting the dude performing a pull, and easily cycles back into your deck without sacrificing a card in hand since it draws a new one after it is played.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Quicksilver becomes an easy way to get the most from cards like Emre, The Turkish Bear (Exp.1), and the unbooting effect will help you use shootout abilities that require an unbooted dude, such as Monkey Goes To Mountain or Rabbit’s Deception.  My favorite bit is that Quicksilver is a non-tao technique, so it plays very friendly with
Ten Foot Punch.

Why would you not want to run Mind of Quicksilver in your deck?  While it will help a deck’s focus, since cycling the card means you’re more likely to draw the MVCs in your deck, it isn’t on its own a high impact card.  Some decks will want harder hitting clubs than Quicksilver.  Quicksilver is also on a bad value for decks playing both Kung Fu and Miracles.

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