This Epilogue is the very last installment within the With Good Intentions storyline and resolves the remaining storyline effects from Gen Con 2023. You can read about the Gen Con story effects in our recent article here.

During the For the Family multiplayer event at Gen Con, participants were provided a special story decision regarding Vodacce:
Which Vodacce character will have a redemption arc?

Any character in Vodacce was up for grabs, and the participants unanimously decided on lowely Angelo, the Vodacce thug. Therefore, the Epilogue is told through the perspective of Angelo, who is beginning to question whether he’s one of the good guys.

Castille broke Kaspar’s occupation of the Forums while Vodacce claimed the ultimate victory at the first world Championship. To represent this, Castille has indeed toppled Kaspar’s dominance, but thanks in large part to the Don’s assistance and meddling. Perhaps Vodacce has gained more than El Gato thinks they may have?

Taking advantage of the chaos, Yevgeni has walked away with an incredible prize that is sure to give Ussura an advantage in the conflict to come.


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