“New in Town” Online Salon:
This open salon will take place from 9/20 until 11/1 and will be focused on welcoming new members of our community, whether they’re folks excited to receive their Kickstarter plunder, folks who picked up their copy at Gen Con, or folks who found us through the Zee Garcia’s Dice Tower review! There will still be plenty for experienced players to enjoy as well.

This Salon will feature several story rewards that will be the results of participant votes and top player decisions. This salon will be divided into three acts, the first between 9/20-10/10, the second act between 10/11-11/1, and the last, only for those plays who made the top cut, will start on 11/2. During acts one and two, each player that completes three or more games will receive one vote in a story decision. If a player does not play at least three games during those acts, they will not receive a vote for that act.

We’re also extremely excited to see more folks join the online community now that they have received their Kickstarter plunder! We’ve added a unique structure meant to encourage the new or shy among you to tag along for the fun. Anyone completely new to the game who participates in an online match via our discord, should report their first match at the following email address (carl@pineboxentertainment.com). That new player and their teacher will receive one additional story vote for that act! (all a player’s votes must be used on the same option)

Veteran players are encouraged to volunteer for teaching games. Teaching games will not affect the results of the salon, and we won’t ask for the win/loss to be recorded on the leaderboard. So long as the teaching games take place during the Salon’s duration, both the veteran player and new player will receive an additional story vote. Teaching games will still be counted towards each player’s game total for each act.

There will also be a secondary, mechanical and story prize separate from New In Town’s story vote. The Salon winner and the top performing new player will each choose a City Deck character to join De La Roche (who was secreted at Gen Con) in becoming the first Experienced versions of their cards.

Some characters will have a new version of themselves release in the future with new abilities to represent their growth and change over time. These are called Experienced characters. All three Experienced characters will debut in the following salon, titled The Lost Colossus. You’ll get a sneak peak at The Lost Colossus in an upcoming article. These new experienced characters may only be relevant for the next salon, or may make their way into the first city deck update, depending on the other story results!

Voting will be conducted on our discord.


What are the voting prizes for the New in Town Salon?

This Salon will impact the following online Salon, The Lost Colossus. The City of Five Sails teems with ancient secrets and powerful artifacts. While the majority lay dormant in Don Constanzo’s gallery of stolen treasures, a few notable pieces have escaped his grasp.

As well as the Crystal Eye and Porcelain Heart (whose fates were decided at GenCon), you can vote for the following treasures to appear in The Lost Colossus’s new City Card deck.

The Silver Spine: This gleaming row of silver vertebrae will burrow under the skin of any swashbuckler brave enough to let them. The discomfort is easily worth the strength they lend their bearer.

The Amber Tongue: This resin talisman allows its bearer to perfectly mimic the voice and mannerisms of any person they wish.

The Devil Jonah’s Bones: these unerringly lucky bone dice would be the dream of any gambling cheat. The trouble being, of course, that the troublesome pair seemingly summon scorching sunshine or thundering tempests each time they roll.

The Iron Aegis: this perfectly round shield shrinks and grows to fit its wielder, and is famously as light as a feather. Its front is decorated with arcane symbols that Vattacine inquisitors fear to be blasphemous.
The Everburn: this mysterious charcoal sphere constantly glows with scorching heat. Those who can withstand the pain of holding it are granted the power of great sorcery, and the unfortunate smell of burnt liver.

Five Sail’s City Deck represents the living city and will change over time to reflect history, events, and new faces within the city. This story choice represents one of the first changes to the city deck. Some of these items will remain, while others will be discarded, never becoming canon in the city. We will release more details about the first vote (opening 10/11) as time goes on, but know it will involve a choice about which of these artifacts will enter the city deck.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers will get a combined story decision as well!

In this online Salon, starting on 9/20/23, you will seek out fellow players to arrange games as often (or as little) as you wish. We encourage trying to find a variety of opponents, and to that end, up to 2 games out of every 5 can be against the same person. Discord will be the best place to arrange games, using the #7s5s-tts-lfg channel.

No time limits by default, but the players can agree to whatever limits they wish. A good number to keep things sane, by default, is 75 minutes.

Maximum of 2/5 of games can be played against one particular player. You can only play one person 2 times for each set of 5 games you record. For instance, if I’ve played 4 games, and 2 of them were against Bryan, then I could not record another official game with him until I get at least 1 more game under my belt with a different opponent.
As this Salon is one geared towards players learning the game and its factions, participants are free to change their faction and deck between each game. Future online salons may see restrictions on changing factions between each game and may require each participant to pick a faction and stick with it for the duration of the event.
Each player that completes three or more games between 9/20-10/10 and between 10/11-11/1 will receive a story vote for each of those periods.

A top cut will be established based on the number of participants.

Match winners will need to report the match result on the challengeboards.net page.

Have fun! This is about the love of the game and our awesome community!


We are organizing this Salon through challengeboards.net and you will need to register there to sign up for the Salon! follow the link below to find the Salon and sign up! You can sign up anytime, even during the middle of the salon. Remember that match winners will need to report the match result on this page.

The password for registration is 7s5s


Once you are signed up and the event has begun, you can start setting up your games and claiming the City of Five Sails for yourself!

Participants will need to use Tabletop Simulator (available through Steam) to play games online. You can purchase Tabletop Simulator and then download the workshop mod for the game. For help with these steps, please give us a shout out over our discord at the link here!