by Carter

Are you a Law Dog gadget player? Have you noticed that weapon gadgets in Weird West Edition tend to be cheaper? Have you struggled to use Fort 51 to place bounty on opposing dudes? Struggle no more!

New and Improved Fort 51.1 is coming your way, now with enhanced target selection!

In a classic example of the Law of Unintended Consequences (which I think needs to be the name of my next Fort 51 deck), the combination of two things that I did with Weird West Edition created operational inefficiencies for the mad scientists of Fort 51.

Firstly, crazy Carter slashing prices. While the only gadget weapon that I lowered the cost of was the Flamethrower, other recent gadget weapons like the Kinetic Accretion Actualizer and the Net Gun also come in at 1 cost. Under the original Fort 51, inventing those gadget weapons would only let you put bounty on zero influence dudes. So now the four 1-cost gadget weapons can put bounty on the more common 1 influence dudes, and there are some 2 cost and 3 cost gadget weapons for putting bounty on bigger dudes.

Secondly, in the environmental reset to Weird West Edition, zero influence dudes are just not as prevalent. Before Weird West there were 85 dudes with zero influence that the former Fort 51 would have been able to bounty up with a 1 cost weapon. Nowadays with Weird West, that number drops down to 27. And even then, the point of Law Dogs selective prosecution is to put the bounty on dudes that you want to leave the table, not a casualty soaker like The Brute.

The Alchemy of these elements combined to make Fort 51 very hard to use – at least if your Law Dog plan involves opposing Wanted dudes. Easier just to use base Law Dog home and place bounty that way.

In addition to a new gadget weapon and mad scientist for the Law Dogs in the next set, we will be printing new and improved Fort 51 outfits for your inventing pleasure.


This rewording is effective immediately. The card will be reprinted in the next Doomtown expansion with a promotional version available for use at upcoming round-ups.