The Forward March organized play season has come to an exciting close, and the results are now in! Players from around the globe engaged in Forward March events at their local game stores, casting their votes as members of their factions on a critical issue impacting the City of Five Sails.

In the aftermath of the tumultuous and bloody events at Gen Con 2023, Claude de la Roche issued an open letter to the City of Five Sails, urging the district captains to vote on a motion for clemency.

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, and all Fascinating Variations Thereof;

Your new, resplendent Mayor calls on you to raise your voice, and call for Peace and Prosperity within our Beautiful and Gallant City, so that all within her Gates might spend their days in Joy and Safety!

On the Third Month of our upcoming, Fortuitous new year, I will hold a momentous Vote of Great Import. Each Participating Citizen will be encouraged to cast their lot for Clemency.

Should you all, in your Wisdom and Serenity, grant me such Power, the State will drop all pursuing Charges against Citizens of Five Sails and any Guest, Vagrant, or Traveling Merchant stationed within on that Celebrant day.

Old wounds are hard to stitch closed. New wounds are Nigh Impossible to heal without Revenge’s Remedy. But I ask, I plead! From the bottom of my Heart, that we might place the injuries of Saint Terni’s Feast behind us, and return to the sweet, Golden brotherhood that our Peaceful City has previously cherished.


Yours in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul,

Your True Servant in all matters of State,

Wishing you a calm and gleeful weekend,

And once again beseeching your participation,

-Claude de la Roche

During this season, participants in tournaments and learn-to-play events cast votes to determine whether or not their faction’s leader would call for clemency. After countless conflicts on the tabletop, the final tally firmly cemented Castille, Montaigne, and Ussura in a position of peace and favoring a fresh start. Vodacce, quite characteristically, was the only faction to vote against clemency. Eisen finds itself in a strange postion, arriving at surprising and unlikley perfect draw!

 These result are presented in the newest Five Sails Chantey, The Mercy of Hounds, which you can read on our Chanteys page.

Lastly, we’d like to extend a sincere apology and thanks to those were impacted by some of our fabrication issues on this first run of organized play kits. As we work on our next season, we are exploring solutions to ensure we provide a better experience for our community going forward. More info on the next season of OP kits is coming soon!