From Pine Box Entertainment, publishers of Doomtown and 7th Sea: City of Five Sailscomes a knightly Tabletop Game set in the chivalrous world of Pendragon

Pendragon: Glory of the Round Table, designed by Channing Ogzewalla,  is a self-contained card game of questing, honor, combat, legends, and all manner of knightly virtues. Produced under license from Chaosium, this new card game features key elements from Greg Stafford’s Pendragon tabletop roleplaying game, incorporated into a fun and adventurous multiplayer experience. Players take on the role of virtuous knights who must complete quests on their path to earn the most glory.  Each quest is represented by a series of tasks taking place over years of time, capturing the essence of the role-playing game. Hire on brave squires that will assist by pledging to your cause. Use your strength, constitution, and appeal to be the next knight selected to join King Arthur’s illustrious round table. 

The Knights contained within are each unique, with their own boons and tactics, making each play experience a different one. Harness their key abilities to complete quests and earn glory or trade in gold to purchase a different path to victory. Cards have multiple ways they can be played, which helps to ensure that each game is quick, dynamic, and sure to create friendly rivalries across the table. 

“I’m a big fan of the good people at Pine Box Entertainment and their wonderful games,” said Chaosium’s Pendragon line editor David Larkins, “and I couldn’t be more excited for their venture into the legendary realm of Pendragon!”

Advance demo slots at Gen Con are sold out but you can see a prototype and meet the team in Hall C at Pine Box HQ to discuss this project currently in development.