Today, we reveal the third and final act in Gen Con 2023’s living story, An Eye for an Eye. If you haven’t read our previous articles about the living story, you can read about Act One: Kaspar’s Occupation, and Act Two: Pursue the Eye in our previous updates, or check them out at the end of this article!

Act Three: The Price of Honor will be played in the fifth, and final, round of Saturday’s swiss pairings. This part of our story will end the way we’ve all always known it will. It ends with the death of the fifth musketeer, Fracois Dufort. For those of you following the ongoing fiction and community-driven story, you’ve known that this was on the horizon. If you’ve seen the Montaigne cards titled “A Heroic End” and “Tabard of the Fallen Musketeer,” then you’ll be aware that Odette’s fifth Musketeer met a terrible fate. Now, he’s left behind his blood-soaked tabard as an attachment, so you can induct a replacement Musketeer in your own games!

Let’s take a look at the Chantey and Event sides of the Act Three card.


Gustavo is a gracious host, but cannot be trusted. Remember that the top-of-faction winners at PAX Unplugged 2022 chose for Gustavo to gain the Villain trait!

The Montaigne porte sorcier, Maxime, has been captured. You can read the fiction leading up to his capture here. While she is a newcomer to Five Sails, Odette and her Musketeers unabashedly take action, unhesitant in deploying force when exigency calls and unyielding in the pursuit of their noble endeavors. Montaigne will not stand for such a deplorable transgression. 

This card’s event side has the same passive ability from that of the previous Acts, stating that it cannot be discarded, so it will not be removed from the city at the end of a day like an event typically would be.  Instead, this event will be in play for the entire game.

Swords have been drawn at the Docks! So, combat cards played during duels there all gain the Lethal keyword. While this event is in play, exercise discretion with any characters you move to the Docks, because they may not make it back home by the end of the day!


Just like Act One: Kaspar’s Occupation, once you take control of the Docks, you’ll place one of your faction tokens on the event card so that both you and your opponent can keep track of which player last controlled the location. Then, if you were the last player to control the Docks at the end of the game, you’ll report that your faction has been framed for the killing of that poor, honorable fool, Dufort. After all, if your faction controlled the Docks when the Musketeer met his end, then your faction must certainly be responsible!

During the fifth round, take control of the Docks at your own risk, as doing so may put a target on your faction’s back in the future of the community-driven story. Our tournament team will collect these results, which will then have a direct influence over the events of the post-Gen Con story evolution. 

Now that they’ve all been revealed, you can read all three acts of An Eye for an Eye below!