Last week, we revealed that new leaders are coming to Five Sails in the Fate and Fortune expansion, and showed off the three new leader options for Montaigne. This week, we’ll share Castille and Eisen’s upcoming leader options so you all may discuss and debate the options for the upcoming community vote on our Discord. This poll will allow the community to choose which of the three options will be removed from the running and is set to open on July 1st, 2024. Every participant will be able to cast a vote within each faction faction’s options, as well.

While El Gato has a target painted on their back, another member of the Cat’s Paw gang must rise up.

With El Gato forced into hiding, Maya de la Roja has become the public face of the Castille district. Her love of gold and mischief has finally met its match in her desperate need to clear El Gato’s name. She seeks to hold strong against the other districts as a Heroic leader. She never expected to stand for truth and justice, but someone in this damn City must.

Lorenzo de Zepeda sees the current mayhem as a continuation of the same old schemes and scandals that always plague his City. Where there’s scandal, there’s always an opportunity to outwit and outmatch the other district – a prime opportunity to rob them all blind. He will steer the Cat’s Paw Gang in a similar Scoundrelly direction as they’ve always been headed – wherever the most laughter and gold can be found.

Sanjay inclined to see the humor of the situation. If the City demands the Cat’s Paw Gang be Villains, he’s happy to oblige. Sword in hand, he’ll lead the gang on more daring capers than ever before. Distributing gold to the common man is clearly not enough to deal with the hoity-toity fools of town. Odette, Landa, and the Don.

Kaspar is alive, and perhaps a little too well. As he learns the strengths and limits of Otto’s and the Silver Spines’ magics, he’s relying on his lieutenants to take on more of a leadership role.

Philip Hase is a level-headed marksman intent on keeping business as usual. Pursue monsters, pursue artefacts, and treat politics as it deserves to be treated: a time-wasting pit full of traitorous snakes. He will lead Eisen as a Heroic soldier, intent on keeping his conscience clean.

Daniella Dietrich is desperate to undo the mess she’s accidentally wrought. All her attempts to help her husband, all her secret sorceries, have accidentally played right into the Vodacce Streghe’s hands. Riddled by guilt, this Scoundrel-by-Circumstance will do anything she can to re-knit the threads of Five Sails’ Fate.

Rosine Friese knows there is only one solution to chaos – clockwork order. Kaspar and his soldiers moved too quickly to violence. Otto and Daniella resorted to schemes and sorcery in careless desperation. Enough of that. The Eisen district doesn’t just need a Hero, it will need a teacher. Rosine is both.