7th Sea: City of Five Sails is an expandable card game set in the swashbuckling world of Chaosium’s 7th Sea roleplaying game by John Wick. Players control one of five factions as they fight to influence, control, and explore the independent and unruly city of Five Sails. It is typically played with two players, but multiplayer variants will allow more players to get into the game. 

During the game, each player represents a leader who, along with their allies, explore locations and fight both with swords and with wits for overall influence over the city. Along with each player’s individual deck, 7th Sea: City of Five Sails also includes an element of randomness in the form of a separate, shared deck that represents the city itself with unusual characters, items, and events that change the  focus of the game. Combat is resolved in a unique “back and forth” style reminiscent of challenging swordplay.




Odette Dubois d’Arrent is the most recent arrival to the city. She is a courtier from Montaigne, a country that does not have a district or established foothold in Five Sails. She is tasked to help her patron expand his influence within the free city. As such, she is eager to find allies. But she did not arrive in Five Sails alone. A small but elite group of skilled Musketeers accompanies her and protects her from the rougher elements of the City. Her strengths include movement and creative positioning to make the most of her political abilities and her Musketeer’s steel.  

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Yevgeni the Boar is a man so large and foreboding that even the elements seem to bow down before him. He has become something of a folk hero in the eyes of the Ussuran district and his reputation as such extends well beyond the cast of his shadow. He is not native to Five Sails, but has no memory of his life prior to his arrival. Because of this he searches for the answers of his past. Yevgeni’s style is much like the man himself; bold, direct, and powerful. He prefers to get the job done himself rather than send anyone else to do the work.

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An accomplished General in the War of the Cross, Kaspar Dietrich returned home to Eisen, only to find it in ruins, overrun by monsters. As such, he has a passionate distrust for all things sorcery and supernatural. Kaspar fled south to the port city of Five Sails where he hopes to use his formidable reputation as a master commander and strategist to build an army to reclaim his homeland. He utilizes strategies that involve making use of the city and the mercenaries and equipment available to him.

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Soline el Gato grew up on the streets and canals of the Castillian District of Five Sails and knows intimately what it takes to survive in a city such as Five Sails. The leader of a den of thieves and scoundrels, Soline uses her cunning and adaptability to always keep her opponents on their toes, not knowing what to expect. Soline’s style is one of disruption, making it increasingly difficult for an opponent to gain ground.

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“Don” Constanzo Scarpa loves his city, for Five Sails is indeed his city, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect it, even if it is from itself. Reputation, family and loyalty are the things that are of paramount importance to Constanzo as he tries to advance politically through the ranks of the city’s elite. Constanzo’s style is cutthroat and brutal where the ends always justify the means. Not caring what or even who gets sacrificed along the way as long as it advances his goals.

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In keeping with Pine Box Entertainment’s mission to make our card games more accessible digitally, 7th Sea: City of Five Sails, is now available for online play via Tabletop Simulator. You can even play the game now, before the Kickstarter campaign. LAST RULES UPDATE: 7/27/22

Download the GenCon 2022 Demo Deck Mod Here


7th Sea Demo Print and Play –  Print out 2 faction decks and the city deck to get started. 

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