This week, we’re revealing the final options for the new leaders are coming to Five Sails in the Fate and Fortune expansion. Previously, we showed off the three new leader options for Montaigne, followed by Castille and Eisen. This week, we’ll share Ussura and Vodacce’s upcoming leader options so you all may discuss and debate the options for the upcoming community vote on our Discord. This poll will allow the community to choose which of the three options will be removed from the running and is set to open on July 1st, 2024. Every participant will be able to cast a vote within each faction faction’s options, as well.

The fate of a whole district cannot rest on one man’s shoulders. Not even Yevgeni, despite his three-foot shoulder span. As his focus shifts to the arcane and obscure, someone else will need to step up to handle the day-to-day operations of the district.

Solomonia Saboruvya offered Yevgeni her hand in marriage for the privilege of power. She’s a slick political operator and has been the District’s de jour Captain for years. The little people turned to Yevgeni as their de facto leader in times of trouble, though. If he can teach Solomonia to listen to the little folk, and the little folk to trust Solomonia, the District will surge to power under the guidance of the most elegant Scoundrel in all of five sails.

Ekaterina Ilyanava has studied the City of Five Sails for years. She understands its culture, history, and position at the intersection of arcane ley lines. When Yevgeni has questions, she’s always had the answer. Perhaps it is time to simply put the most knowledgeable person in charge. No District has tried it before, and the novel, new approach could push the Ussuran people to the forefront of influence. She will lead not only as a Hero, but also a true academic.

However, the Ussuran District does face a unique challenge. It is home to the most diverse neighborhoods of Five Sails. In reality, the Ussuran District Captain must answer to communities from the Crescent Empire, Shenzhou, Vestenmenavenjar, and every corner of the Lands of Gold and Fire. Ren is a Hero more renowned for her dueling expertise than her politics. But electing her into leadership will allow Yevgeni to show good faith to these communities, and actively recruit their help in the future.

For decades, the Voddace District has accumulated wealth and power thanks to the schemes and sorceries of the Streghe. For decades, the women of Voddace worked in the shadows, with men like the Don Constanzo Scarpa acting as intermediaries. Sometimes it was a matter of love, sometimes of convenience, sometimes fear. The Coven’s wealth and power has grown, and with it, their ambitions. Now, they intend to lead their district directly.

Cesca del Rosso is the vicious Villain who deserves the most credit. She helped Constanzo Scarpa rise to Don, and ridded the City of all his enemies. This time, she needs no scheme or twist of Fate – the Don knows she is the natural choice. The proverbial crown is hers, so long as no rival outwits her.

Sibella Scarpa, however, isn’t patient enough to wait for power. Cesca might be the more experienced leader and stronger witch… but she is Constanzo’s favorite child. She has no intentions of spending the prime of her youth in Cesca’s shadow. All it takes is a few whispers in daddy’s ears… and she can ascend to heights of Villainy that would put the rest of her siblings to shame.

Elisabetta Bonora, however, knows that neither confidence nor conspiracy are the true keys to power. Fate can be twisted, nudged, and teased – but Fate cannot be denied. The Arcana Cards will fall where they must. If Fate offers her the reigns, Elisabetta can guide Amorally and impartially, so that each man and woman in town can meet prosperity or doom as the cards decide