Wearing Your Sunday Best: Limiting Gomorra’s Finest to One Attire

Wearing Your Sunday Best: Limiting Gomorra’s Finest to One Attire

Greetings again cowfolks! The time has come for another major rules change to Doomtown: Reloaded. Pine Box Entertainment has periodically discussed limiting Attires to one per dude. This idea first came up with respect to Fancy New Hat, as it seemed silly that one character could wear four of them. While there are now attires that appear of different types, we still found it best to finally move forward with this change. It also keeps Attires in line with the restrictions on Weapons and Horses, e.g. one per dude.

Why make this change now?

Implementing this change by July 30 ensures that the changes will be in effect for all DT:R events at Gencon 51. Also, PBE hopes that a proactive ruling will help prevent negative play experiences resulting from attires affecting several newly released cards. With Kickstarter shipments beginning next week and possibly leading to fulfillment delivery before August, we want to do everything we can to reel in new players to join us at events, not deter them from playing. Here are a couple interactions that concerned us:

  1. Friends in High Places/Puppet Decks. You may have noticed in the compendium we also further clarified the definition of ‘Plays,’ which are defined as your Noon actions of Actin’, Callin’ Out,  Movin’, Shoppin’, and Tradin’. This does not include Reacts. Using Johnny Brocklehurst to increase your Huckster’s influence, who may also happen to be wearing several Attires for Influence bonus and have the Puppet spell, could create an instance where reacting with Friends in High Places to avoid a call out could be unavoidable to your opponent. While these ‘janky’ style decks can sometimes be fun and we don’t want to completely deter creativity, we wanted to make it slightly more difficult to initiate this combo.
  2. Decimator Array/Force Field/Hand Rank Manipulation Decks: What is arguably one of the ‘top tier’ decks in the current meta features a combination of cards that allow a player to increase hand ranks through a variety of cards, mostly gadgets. With the Decimator Array functioning as an Attire, this rule prevents stacking for multiple reactions of the ability on one Dude, somewhat limiting the feasibility of this strategy.

We hope you find these changes reasonable and geared towards making Doomtown a healthier experience in the organized play environment. I look forward to the variety of events we have planned for Indianapolis and announcing our future endeavors for 2019.

Community Content Contest #1 – Learn to Play Video

Community Content Contest #1 – Learn to Play Video

We’re excited to announce our first Community Content Contest! In order for Doomtown to continue growing, we are conscripting our most vocal advocates – you! We have been discussing learn to play content production and it’s become clear to us, that no-one can match your passion. That’s why we want you to put together your best learn to play video, for total greenhorns. We’ve got some sweet prizes available as well. Every participant will receive a full bleed The Ghostly Gun featuring sweet new art. There’s a  few rules:

1) You Must Be 18 or Older to Participate.

2) Keep it PG

3) Submission Deadline is July 2nd, 2018

That said we’ve compiled some resources for you that’ll allow you to participate no matter what your skill level is. Once the video is complete and uploaded to YouTube, use the submission form below to send us your entry. Don’t worry – your information is only used to mail out your promo.

What we’re looking for is a video that covers the following topics in 30 minutes or less:

1) A full day (turn) in Doomtown

2) Movement

3) Shootouts and Jobs

4)Skill Checks and Pulls

5) Win Condition

6) Building Viable Starter Posses

We’re looking for a video that puts emphasis on the territory control aspect of Doomtown while still giving a complete greenhorn the basics. We also don’t expect everyone to be an editor or industry pro. We’ve put some free resources over to the side for you. The video can be filmed or animated – it’s up to you. Get creative, but keep it family friendly and easy to understand. Once your video is ready submit it below for a chance out our rad prize pack – the Grand Prize Winner will receive the following:

1) A Messenger Bag featuring the gorgeous alternate artwork for “No Turning Back” by Charles Urbach.

2) A Set of 24 Acrylic Homes – 4 for Each Faction, including the unreleased outfits contained in Too Tough To Die! Each faction has it’s own unique color and pattern. No two outfits are the same!

3) The Ability to Name a Card (as long as Design approves it) in a future set.

Now get out there and get to creating!

This is an excellent question. For the purposes of this video, let’s stick with the original names. A new player is going to start with the Base set – and that’s what the set refers to them as. We’d also recommend only using the 4 base set factions and referring to outfits by name.

We’ll be sending out 4 copies of The Ghostly Gun to every entry.  So if you work with a team, you can spread the love.

We’re wrangling a pack together for you as you read this. We should have one very very soon!

Submit Your Video!

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