by Anders Kernel and Benni Byg Ulbrink

Come one, come all and  behold the amazing creations on display at the Smith & Robards Trade Show. Here we present  the boost to science that the Entrepreneurs need in these, the most perilous of times!

This new Outfit for the Entrepreneurs offers excellent card draw and a potential control point boost for those turns where you just need one more point to win the game! A single control point doesn’t seem like much. Combine this Outfit, however, with cards such as  Technological Exhibition and Smith & Robards’ competitor from Salt Lake City, the Legend Dr. Darius Hellstromme, you can create a deck that generates control points on your gadgets – control points your esteemed opponent cannot take over.  Use out of town deeds like Gommora Gaming Commission or Jackson’s Strike to power your economy and you have yourself a beast of a deck!

In addition to the outfits, several denizens rally to the Entrepreneurs cause, starting with renowned hunter and trapper Eli Leatherwood. His cost of 4  is relatively cheap for a dude with  2 stud bullets and 2 influence. On the flip side, however, he also sports an upkeep of 2 ghost rock. This may make him less attractive as a starting dude but he still provides some of the best value you will get for your ghost rock in this town. He is a great addition for any deck running 4s on value, whether you want to focus on Gadgets with the Disgenuine Currency Press or just use the ol’ fashioned but trusty Tusk along with the deadly Coachwhip

A better candidate for your starting posse, Roberto Muratore gives you a stud with influence. Did we mention Roberto’s Mad Scientist 1 skill and no upkeep? His ability to boot an experimental gadget for a control point can accelerate your victory. At this time we have 6 different Experimental Gadgets to choose from, but as you cannot stop the progress of science expect to see more in the future! Maximize Roberto’s ability by focusing on  Straight Flush builds using Hearts or Diamonds. These red cards further synergize with experimental gadgets that work best by avoiding Club pulls. Combined with the Decimator Array and high bullet bonuses from Experimental Gadgets such as the Electrostatic Pump Gun and Aetheric Shockwave Inducer, such decks have proven to be a force to reckon with. If you really want to have Roberto doing overtime, pour him a Good Stiff Drink and give him a Mechanical Horse so he can spread his gadgeteering across several deeds.Roberto has a 6 value and thus shares a value with Holy Wheel Gun and Technological Exhibition

Adelaide Rose joins the Entrepreneurs cast of 9-value dudes, sitting alongside Gadget Weapons such as the Devil’s Sixgun and the Experimental Asyncoil Gun. With a cost of 4, a single upkeep, a stud bullet and influence in addition to her Mad Scientist skill she is very competitively priced. Unlike Roberto, Adelaide takes a more directly confrontational approach to things by reducing an opposing dude’s bullets, while possibly raising your own. This ability helps set up a  Point Blank or Outgunned, or boosting your draw hand to increase your chances of hitting a Straight Flush.

Last, but absolutely not least, is the new King value dude – the Weird West’s wizard of electricity Dr. Gregory Tremane. While his initial cost of 11 might put you off, this will soon plummet as you flood the board with Gadgets! His 2 stud bullets and his 4 influence are sure to make an impact on your board state. and at the point in the game you get him into play his 3 upkeep shouldn’t be an issue for your gang of Entrepreneurs.

His ability to boot any Gadget in your posse to send an opposing dude home booted provides an amazing level of shootout control. You could send your opponent’s stud home to weaken their chances of drawing a good hand,  or target their Willa Mae MacGowan to ensure any casualties caused are taken on important dudes.  You may find other good situational targets, for example when you have your trusty Force Field ready to kick in if the shootout goes south, but the opposing posse contains the Experienced Valeria Batten or Virginia Ann Earp. Alternatively you may be sitting with an Outgunned in your hand and of course, superior firepower from all your Gadget guns.

With these great additions the Entrepreneurs are standing strong for the upcoming conflicts! But, what happens if by foul shenanigans you are caught Unprepared or booted home, unable to defend your posse from malavolent gunslingers?

Fear not! With Twilight is Upon Us you can always move a tooled-up Mad Scientist into your posse and guarantee that they have the extra bullets to put your enemies down, giving you the edge over unskilled opponents! Furthermore this is a Headline, which prevents other Headlines like Calling the Cavalry from being played.

Out for Blood is available to pre-order now and will also be available directly from Pinnacle Entertainment and at retailers.

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