The Art and Story of  7th Sea: The City of Five Sails

The Art and Story of 7th Sea: The City of Five Sails

Cover Art by Charles Urbach


My name is Case Lopez, Designer and Creative Director for Pine Box Entertainment’s new original card game, 7th Sea: The City of Five Sails. My job focuses on themes that bring the writing, design, and art into one cohesive vision. Past articles for this project have shown the game’s card types, as well as a introducing the communal City Deck. Today I am going to pull back the curtain a little and show off some of the amazing art that we have commissioned this project. I will also discuss the story that we have set to go forward, and hopefully provide a taste of what is to come. 


Art by Sally Grew


So why Five Sails?  Like many of you, I played the original CCG produced by AEG that coincided with the 1st edition of the 7th Sea Role Playing Game. But while that game was enjoyable, I felt it only represented a fraction of what the world of 7th Sea was. By focusing the story and interaction to a single location, we can keep the interaction between the factions going without the downtime of roaming the vast open seas. The City of Five Sails, named in the 7th Sea RPG books as “Théah’s most interesting city,” is the perfect location for our story moving forward. It serves as a major trade hub, a place where heroes and villains congregate and has laws that defer wildly depending on interpretation. It is said that within Five Sails, a dishonest man can earn an honest coin, and the opposite is true as well. Setting our story within the city of Five Sails allows us to still keep the pirates, privateers, and explorers of the original CCG. At the same time, we can bring in politicians, merchants, musketeers and more to truly represent the 7th Sea world of adventure and intrigue all within a constantly changing, high-pressure environment. The fact that Five Sails is a port city also gives us the advantage of having the vast world of 7th Sea come to us. You never know who will show up, or what they will bring with them.


Art by Kou Yang


The City itself is surrounded by the borders of five different nations, and while they do have some influence over the city, they do not control her. Instead, the city is a melting pot of different districts and customs from all over Théah. This gives us a lot of freedom to feature different cultures. In fact, diversity has been one of our priorities from inception moving forward. Having the location of our game set in a free and bustling port city gives us a lot of leeway to bring in different aspects of Théah. Expect characters from every corner of this world including the new lands of Khitai. Our story begins with five factions that operate from different districts. Each faction has their own goals, methods, and style with how to cultivate and expand their influence. Odette, a Montainge courtier new to he city, has a group of loyal musketeers that make up with steel with what she lacks in connections. Kaspar from Eisen is a surviving general from the War of the Cross, looking to expand the ranks of his new army to fight creatures plaguing the lands. Soline grew up on the streets and canals of the Castile district of Five Sails, and with her crew of tricksters and thieves seek out any advantage afforded to them. Don Constanzo is a well known diplomat and politician from the Vodacce distict who has an army of henchmen at his call. Finally there is Yevgeni, a giant of a man from Ussura, with no known past who seems to answer to the whims of the world itself.


Art by Sergio Villa-Isaza


Now I’ll discuss something I am extremely excited about, the art! While we are using many fantastic existing art pieces from the 7th Sea 2nd Edition books, we have brought in a number of amazing artists to help to start to tell our story and help to bring the city of Five Sails to life. Artists such as Charles Urbach, Jason Behnke, Kou Yang, Sally Grew, Greg Bobrowski, Terry Pavlet, and many more help introduce the characters and vibrantly bring the game to life. Some of these pieces I chose to showcase here, but this is just a random assortment of the fantastic art that is being created.


Art by Fabian Parente


One thing that I desired from the very beginning, was a large, expanding, and interactive story. At launch, we have five factions who are vying to expand their influence throughout the city, each one with their own desires, reasons and goals that they strive to achieve. The story will be heavily influenced by the actions of the players. Organized play events, major tournaments, side competitions, online votes, will have says in whether your favorite faction will make forward progression on their goals or lose footing within the city. The ebb and flow of control within the city is truly up to you.


Art by Jason Behnke


Be on the look out for more news and information for 7th Sea: The City of Five Sails, including insight into our combat system and upcoming announcements of our launch. From all of us at Pine Box Entertainment, welcome to the City of Five Sails!

Doomtown as A Deadlands Action Deck

Doomtown as A Deadlands Action Deck


Greetings pardners! If you followed the new Deadlands: The Weird West Kickstarter, or were one of the backers, you may know fulfillment has begun on getting out the stunning new version of this beloved RPG. To celebrate, we’d like to present some ideas on how you can use your Doomtown cards, while also playing Deadlands.


Those new to tabletop RPGs or the Savage Worlds game system will find that combat initiative uses a unique system of each player receiving a playing card from a regular 54-card poker deck. Not only can you use your Doomtown cards to fulfill this function, it can also operate as a tool for the Gamemaster.


The deck featured here on, presents a deck that you can use for the Doomtown card game. You can also shuffle this deck to produce random dudes, deeds, goods, or events that can occur within your Deadlands game. You can either shuffle the deck and pull from it at random, or divide the piles into suits. Need to identify what weapon your baddies are using in a particular fight? Draw randomly from the hearts for your Goods! Need an NPC to appear to interact with the posse? Draw from your spades for an inspired Dude to enter the scene!



Jordan Caves-Callarman, Marshal of the WildCards Deadlands live show on Twitch, explains his usage of Doomtown cards with the RPG:

“I use Doomtown cards for all sorts of things when I’m GMing Deadlands. They can be great visual aids for NPCs or enemies like I used them in our game for the Deadlands Kickstarter, and when I ran the Twilight Protocol event games my players got a kick out of being handed cards representing items and relics they came across. There are also a ton of colorful location cards you can lay out to better illustrate the places your posse visit – set them up as you would in a game of Doomtown to create an easy map of a frontier town’s main street!


Having visual aids at the table is great, but what I really like about using Doomtown cards as a GM, are all the details. Between the colorful names, the card art, and the flavor text, there are plenty of jumping-off points on any given card for coming up with memorable NPCs, items, and locations – you can use them as-is, or just keep what inspires you and drop the rest. Grab a couple of Action cards to lay down when there are complications in your players’ best-laid plans, or use them to spark ideas for fun plot wrinkles to add to your session.”  



Jordan Pridgen, who portrayed Gabriel Pryor in the WildCards show adds the following:

As an RPG player, your character is everything. Whether you’re sitting down for a single one-off session with some new friends at a convention (remember those?) or building something for a long-term campaign, you want your character to really have legs. Sure sometimes you have the perfect idea right off the bat, but if you’re a new player who isn’t used to the scope of the Weird West, or an experienced dice-slinger who feels like they want to branch out, you won’t find a better font of cool character ideas than Doomtown.

Personally, I’ve found Doomtown to be flush with inspiration. You can basically pick any dude from any set and start the sparks of character innovation burning. I mean sure if you base a character off of “Dynamite” Jacc you might want to have a spare ready, but even a card as simple as the wonderfully named “Androcles Brocklehurst” could lead you to build an old-school southern lawyer with money and connections (and maybe a little bit of corruption if you dig deep enough), who frankly I know I’d have a great time playing.

On the other end of the spectrum, the stylish masked burglar Jim Hexter, or the unconventional besuited martial artist Feichi Suitcase” Lee, could make for unforgettable PCs with quirks that will really help you motivate and drive your personal story. Heck, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that cards like “Quaterman” and “Post-a-tron” were part of the inspiration for my character Midas Buchanan’s mechanical child “Christopher” on Wild Cards. So if you’re thinking about getting into Deadlands RPG, or even just looking for some new takes on the world, give Doomtown a look. And hey, come join us for a few games on the discord while you’re at it!”



We recommend the following list to start out, or make your own pardner!


Smith & Robards Trade Show (Out for Blood): You can include this with your Clubs or Diamonds.


Dude (13)

1x Theo Whateley-Boyer (Ghost Town)

1x “Mahogany” Jackson (Ghost Town)

1x Henry Moran (Ghost Town)

1x “Thunder Boy” Nabbe (Blood Moon Rising)

1x Adrián Vallejo (There Comes a Reckoning)

1x Johnny Brocklehurst (There Comes a Reckoning)

1x Agent Provocateur (There Comes a Reckoning)

1x F1 Burch (There Comes a Reckoning)

1x Cooper Grannon (Hell’s Comin’ With Me)

1x New Varney Nosferatu (Welcome to Deadwood)

1x Clementine Lepp (Base Set)

1x Funtime Freddy (Frontier Justice)

1x El Grajo (No Turning Back)


Deed (13)

1x Walters Creek Distillery (Ghost Town)

1x Epitaph Branch Office (There Comes a Reckoning)

1x Gateway Station (Out for Blood)

1x Rham’s Readings (Hell’s Comin’ With Me)

1x Land Purchase (Welcome to Deadwood)

1x The Town Hall (Base Set)

1x Stagecoach Office (Base Set)

1x Cattle Market (Base Set)

1x Bunkhouse (Base Set)

1x General Store (Base Set)

1x Telegraph Office (Base Set)

1x The Mayor’s Office (Election Day Slaughter)

1x Huntsmen’s Society (No Turning Back)


Goods (13)

1x Jael’s Guile (Dirty Deeds)

1x LeMat Revolver (Bad Medicine)

1x Tusk (Ghost Town)

1x Essence of Armitage (The Curtain Rises)

1x Bowie Knife (Blood Moon Rising)

1x Scattergun (Out for Blood)

1x Peacemaker (Base Set)

1x Pearl-Handled Revolver (Base Set)

1x Flame-Thrower (Base Set)

1x Legendary Holster (Base Set)

1x Holy Wheel Gun (Double Dealin’)

1x Outlaw Mask (Faith and Fear)

1x Idol of Tlazolteotl (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)


Action (13)

1x Framed (Ghost Town)

1x Putting The Pieces Together (The Curtain Rises)

1x Calling The Cavalry (The Showstopper)

1x Hostile Takeover (Too Tough to Die)

1x Frontier Feud (Hell’s Comin’ With Me)

1x As Nature and God Intended (Welcome to Deadwood)

1x Hired Guns (Base Set)

1x Ambush (Base Set)

1x Kidnappin’ (Base Set)

1x Bounty Hunter (Base Set)

1x A Coach Comes to Town (Base Set)

1x A Secret Tunnel (Base Set)

1x Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ (No Turning Back)


Cards featured includes those up to the recent Welcome to Deadwood expansion, available now from the Pine Box Entertainment store or your FLGS!


To get caught up on the status of the Weird West as it related to Doomtown, check out our new video detailing more ways in which Deadlands ties into Doomtown!

Around the Deadlands: Doomtown Story in 2020

Around the Deadlands: Doomtown Story in 2020

As we previously presented Pine Box Entertainment’s plans for 2019, we’d like to now take the time to discuss the plans for Doomtown fiction in 2020. If you haven’t read it yet, head on over the Gomorra Dispatch and check out the standalone tale, “The Temptation of Brother Petrovic,” based on decisions made by you, the players, at GenghisCon.

Earlier this year, we featured a three story continuing the Tombstone storyline after the events that occurred at the Doomtown Destination Event in Tombstone, as detailed in “Falling Star.” Act I: The Aftermath, April 1882, Act II: The Search for Coot Jenkins, and Act III: The Castle, continuing the hunt for Lucy’s killer. 

The following is our plans for the Doomtown fiction team for the rest of 2020.

Jason Pere will continue these post Doomtown events that last left us with a posse heading to Gettysburg. Join us as the story leads back to Tombstone. At this point, Jeff Bailey will usher in a new chapter for the town too tough to die.

Owen Lean, in coordination with the UK Marshall Badge event, will bring us the first fiction on the path to Deadwood as we follow Jonah Essex and his new posse, determined by the players at GenCon 2019: Christine Perfect, Allie Hensman, Tonton Macoute. This fiction will also introduce a new character, “Dynamite” Jacc, created by Gen Con winner Chase Causey, and debuting this fall in the next Doomtown expansion, ‘Welcome to Deadwood.’

With COVID-19 currently placing organized play on hold, we continue to plan for fiction that will be based on the interactions this game offers it’s players, and thus plan further stories accordingly based on what events can occur later this year. Stay safe everyone and thank you for continuing to follow us around the Weird West.

Backwater Fiction: “Mantra”

Backwater Fiction: “Mantra”

Backwater’s web fiction, which consists of various vignettes, is not meant to drive an over arching plot. Instead the goal is to provide inspiration for your stories, and as such will explore several genres. The over arching story will be told through the living campaign, which we will reveal details for as we get closer to launch, and driven by the players. 

 by Alex Wirges

System: Alpha Serpentis

Planet: Serpentis – B

Planet Class: Terraformed Salvage

One. Last. Job.

The words echoed in my head as I approached the rusty aluminum trailer. The bandana covering my face filtered most of the swirling red dust. If only it could filter the stench created by three star systems worth of garbage. The first sun had already set, but a hot glare still reflected off the trailer.

One. Last. Job.

I repeated those words to myself as I slowly reached out and knocked on the trailer door.

“Scotch! My man! Git yer ass in here! How ya been?”

A large boisterous man swung open the door. A gap-toothed grin adorned his face. I reluctantly entered the trailer, kicking beer bottles and trash out of my path. His messy cot seemed an afterthought to the dozen terminals jammed in here and there, haphazardly networked together. An arsenal lined the walls.

Perhaps, I thought, it’s probably for the best that we only know each other by our nicknames.

I also didn’t have time to hear about his grandkids today. “Cut the niceties, Landlock. I want a job off-world. What ya got for me?”

The old man stopped, facing away from me, and became very still.

“Oh, kid. Ya know I don’t have anything off-world, and ya know I don’t get jobs that pay enough for ya to travel, off-world. Plus, yer the best driver on this shithole. Always in demand. “

A moment of silence passed, broken only by the flick of a lighter and faint crackle of burning cigarette paper. He turned to me, exhaling his first drag.

“Why would ya wanna leave? Tell ya what, it’s none of my business. I’ve got a client lookin’ fer someone dependable. Think of it as a job interview ya get paid for. It’s dangerous, dirty work. But if ya do good, It may land ya opportunities off this rock. What do ya say?”

One. Last. Job. And I can finally get off this planet so backwards that even the Gods themselves never bothered to forsake it.

Landlock wasn’t kidding – this job was beyond dangerous. The assembled crew all had reputations for being good at what they do. Given these circumstances, that usually indicated a willingness to do the unsavory if necessary. There’s a certain amount of “unsavory” I am accustomed to. But at the first sign of trouble, I found myself an unwitting accomplice to murder, running from the Peacekeepers.

I glanced at the rear-view mirror. In the backseat, a lanky kid I only knew as Skeeter fumbled with his reloading.

I shouted at him. “What happened out there?! What did you do, Skeeter?!”

I doubted I could drive fast enough to get away from the flood of blue and orange lights. The second sun had begun to rise, and this rig’s fusion drive would not withstand any additional stress.

“Ah Hell, Scotch. It ain’t nuthin. I didn’t know that woman was standin’ there when I decoupled the gravwell stabilizer. If it makes ya feel any better, she probably didn’t suffer too much,” Skeeter said.

It did not make me feel better. One. Last. Job.

“Well now we got the fuzz on our tail, and we’re quickly approaching the meet point. What do you think the rest of the crew is gonna do when we show up with the heat? Huh?” I replied.

I enjoyed the look on his face right now. Fear. I know fear well. Skeeter was scared of getting caught. Scared of facing consequences for his actions. Scared my driving would kill us.

“Get that gun loaded, Skeeter, and get back to shooting. I need a gap. I don’t care where.”

Skeeter began firing at the wall of ‘Keepers trailing us. I slammed the magbrakes, followed by kicking the fusion drive into reverse.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YA DOIN’, SCOTCH?” Skeeter’s voice quivered, for good reason too. This would be a death sentence for a lesser driver.

I maneuvered through a temporary opening in the wall of orange and blue lights, and turned us around. Cursing a few choice illegitimate animals, I slammed our ride into max gear and gunned it in the opposite direction. After a few klicks, I took a sudden left down a dirt road that ended at a scrap yard where we ditched our ride. We waited until the sirens faded to stillness. From there, we continued on foot.

Skeeter and I arrived at the meet point. Late, but intact. The crew waited with our mark. As we entered the barn, I saw the transport truck, its unconscious crew tied to chairs. Tinker worked to open the locked cargo hold.

“Any idea what was so important that it’d have a Peacekeeper escort?” I asked. I approached the truck and saw that that the door panel bore Belle Energy’s corporate logo. We’d made a very powerful enemy.

Tinker didn’t look up from her work. “No idea, and it doesn’t seem like it’s very important to our employer. As far as they’re concerned, we completed the job,” she said.

“Too bad, ya’ll won’t find out either,” Skeeter’s voice crept up behind me, and I felt the warm barrel of his gun pressed against my skull.

The nervous rattle was gone – this was planned from the beginning. I slowly raised my hands. “You can have my cut of what ever is in that truck, Skeeter, if you put the gun down and let me walk away. I’m not here for anything more than what I’ve already been promised by our contractor.”

I heard Skeeter click his tongue. “This ain’t about money, Scotch. It ain’t personal either – only one of us gets the gig off-world, and I’ve had as much as I can tolerate of this shit-rock.”

I heard Skeeter pull back the hammer, then squeeze the trigger.

One. Last. Job.

Twilight Approaches: Doomtown Stories in 2019

Twilight Approaches: Doomtown Stories in 2019

Doomtown players! For some time now Pine Box Entertainment has been mentioning fictions that can be influenced through our organized play events, which moving forward, will be referenced as round-ups! Since the continuation of the game, we’ve released two online fictions and the insert in “There Comes A Reckoning.” Fictions online can be found at, along with the full history of the Doomtown: Reloaded previous fictions.

There are a variety of reasons for the delay, but in short, we owe you, the players, quite a bit of fiction in the coming year leading to our grand Destination Event in Tombstone, Arizona the weekend of October 26, 2019. The following is a break down of what you can expect, starting with today’s release of “Separate Ways” by Fred Wan, the result of the PAX Unplugged 2017 Storyline Event.

Following this fiction, the following is slated for 2019:

-Too Tough to Die/Doomtown Worlds 2018: Owen Lean, Deadlands adventure writer, participated in our role-playing sessions in Manchester this past May where players helped influence the story not only through these games, but also in the Doomtown main event. While some of what happened will be reflected through flavor texts on cards in ‘Out for Blood,’ you players at home will get to know what truly happened in Tombstone in the Doomtown lore on the days leading up to October 26, 1881.

-Out for Blood: The next 56-card expansion for Doomtown following Too Tough to Die will include a fiction insert by Jeff Bailey; a prequel to the events at Worlds and an additional online fiction that reveals the aftermath of the events in Tombstone.

-Coot Jenkins Comes to Gomorra: At Gencon 2018, players involved in the Dead Man’s Hand event faced off against Stone himself, and failed to stop him from going undefeated. The dire consequences will be revealed in this flashback piece by Jason Pere.

-Showdown at the Clanton Ranch: As players voted in the early 2018 round-ups on characters they wanted featured in the climax to the Tombstone fictions, this story will coincide with an upcoming release.

The Twilight Protocol Trilogy: (

Lastly, we realized in Europe that we hadn’t really kept folks at home in the loop on the character deaths, and had a discussion with many players online on what we could do differently in the future. As a result, we will be joined by some members of the Saving Throw crew, starting at GenghisCon 42 on February 22, 2018 (

For those not familiar with WildCards, this amazing cast of actors led a successful campaign that players were able to watch via Twitch ( Some of this cast joins us once again for a session where Doomtown characters featured in ‘Out for Blood,’ including experienced versions of previous characters, will be presented in a Trilogy of role-playing sessions that you will be able to watch unfold right at home or in person at the Twilight Protocol events! The first of these sessions kick off on Friday at GenghisCon following our Prelude to Twilight Doomtown event. Players that participated in the Servitor Series and Abomination Series will see their votes affect Deadlands/Doomtown canon as these players fend off the Reckoners with Marshal Jordan Caves-Callarman weaving the heroes through this tale. Players participating in Twilight Protocol Act I: The Agency, the next day on February 23, 2019, will have a chance to influence the continuation of this story leading to Part II at Chupacabracon in May (!

We hope you are as excited as we are for the coming year and trip to historic Tombstone to conclude our events! Whether you’re a first-time player or veteran of the Weird West, we invite you to join us throughout next year’s round-ups! Stay tuned for details on organized play Part I in 2019 following GenghisCon, where organizers can apply to host events!

They Got A Fight Comin

They Got A Fight Comin

Pine Box Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are excited to announce that hot on the heels of There Comes a Reckoning fulfillment, we’ll be releasing Too Tough to Die in October of 2018.  It’ll be available for pre-order in the future through Pinnacle, so keep an eye out for more details as we get closer.

Too Tough to Die represents a significant departure from previous Doomtown releases – we’re leaving the Maze and exploring other historical and legendary Weird West locale. Tombstone, Arizona is a storied mining town full of rich stories and legendary characters. It contains 56 new cards, 4 copies of each card for a total haul of 224 cards.

Recently launched is the Gomorra Dispatch – a site that houses all current Doomtown: Reloaded fiction. Including the first of new fiction to be released under Pine Box Entertainment. Too Tough To Die’s story will be posted directly to this site, which is linked at the top of this site.

Too Tough to Die will also be the first release to feature the new Doomtown logo, which now mirrors the style of Deadlands: The Weird West.  This is more than just a surface level change – we’re tweaking the way we treat each of the factions. Each icon will now represent an archetype instead of a specific faction.

We’ll be introducing these changes to you over the next few weeks, discussing the design and flavor philosophies – as well as sharing cards. This week we introduce you to the “Outlaws”.



Previously known as The Sloane Gang Outlaws represents a much broader stroke of a classic archetype. These are the gangs, the train robbers, horse thieves, and generally shady types that roam the Weird West. They prefer to let their guns do the talking, and have no problem creating a scene or creatively using force to achieve their ends.

Representing this archetype in Too Tough to Die, is the legendary Cowboy Gang. Signified by a red sash, they ruled Tombstone through force and fear. It is at the height of these tensions that Wendy and Lucy will arrive in the silver mining town. It seems appropriate that Ike Clanton (2T2D #26) should be one of our first official reveals for the newly dubbed faction.  He features a new keyword for an existing ability.

Rowdy – Control of this deed is checked with bullets instead of influence.

Ike talks a big game, but is definitely not the best gunman that wears the sash. He’s awfully good at creating a scene and escalating conflicts past the point of civil conversation. Using his ability to give Rowdy to a deed can dramatically shift control of a vital deed.

Catch Ike Clanton and other new faces in Too Tough To Die when it hits shelves in October of 2018!